3 Great Ideas for Challenge Coins

3 Great Ideas for Challenge Coins
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Within the military, challenge coins help promote friendly challenges, creates bonds and history. Naturally, challenge coins have sentimental value. This is especially if you get a challenge coin that is ascribed to a special military unit; the value can be as much as thousands of dollars.

The challenge coins today are used for different purposes. For instance, you can give them to a friend on their birthday, employee recognition, or for a cause to raise funds. Therefore, you need some ideas when creating such challenge coins for these events; below are some great ideas.

1. Create custom artwork

Challenge coins were initially created to promote camaraderie and support among troops. They held it up in unison, and the last person to hold it up had to buy drinks for the battalion.

Therefore, when you create the coins, you can use them to make the party you are hosting. Create as many challenge coins as you can and use them in the same manner the military used them when having fun after a successful battle. Create something that your birthday friend or employee values.

2.Put some work to the plating and finish.

In case you need to change the custom design that your challenge coin comes in, change the finish. For instance, if your memorial challenge coin is black metal, you can change the plating to gold for an employee as a reward.

You can also create a soft or hard enamel finish to change the texture. If you need a creative finish, soft enamel is easier to work with. Use soft enamel to help you write such words as happy 50th birthday or salesperson of the month.

You need to consider the colors, too; change colors to what your friend likes. It is also good to create some details on the ages and the overall design. This is possible using soft enamel finish or plating.

3. Consider whom to Give out the challenge coins.

Challenge coins are attributed to their significance. Therefore, you need to know whom you are giving them to and what significance is attached to them i.e., giving it to a family experiencing the loss of a family member who is an officer. It is a heartwarming memento.

Ensure you provide a custom-made challenge coin that will show the family how much their family member meant to the team.

The same is true if you want to improve company culture. By giving the challenge coin to an employee who just got engaged could show that your company embraces family values.

Once you have mastered the art of creating the right challenge coin, be sure to use the above ideas. They will help you show your family, work colleagues, and friends how much you treasure them.