4 Benefits to Gain from Outsourcing Transactional Mail Services

4 Benefits to Gain from Outsourcing Transactional Mail Services
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The use of transactional mail services in the world today is long overdue. Transactional mail service is an important component in the world of business today. It offers a platform in which businesses communicate with their clients, increase the number of customers and grow revenue. The growth in web and mobile applications has promoted the rise in the number of uses to which transactional mail is put to in the email marketing world. Many businesses outsource transactional mail services for the following reasons


1. Speed and Bulkiness


Some email servers have a limit to the number of emails an organization can send per day and more so if they are shared. Sending thousands of emails at a go can be an uphill task that no one is ready to undertake. It’s more efficient just to leave it to the pros whose only business is to transact emails.


2. Focus on the Core Business

Some business installations outsource transaction mail to allow them concentrate on their core business mandate and avoid distractions. Focus is especially attractive for new businesses. Outsourcing liberates entrepreneurs from time-consuming tasks. This creates time for establishments to concentrate on activities that are most crucial for the business’ long-term growth and success. In other words, the sole business of transactional email service providers is to create a total focus for their client.


3. Mail Deliverability


It is practice for most email applications to scan emails to eliminate spam. The IP address is used as a weeding tool for the spam messages. There are blacklists (IPs that send spam) and Whitelists (IPs that are known to be good). Your emails could be marked as spam if you are not on a Whitelist despite using your IP address. Deliverability is quite important particularly for large organizations that handle a huge number of emails. There is no need of sending emails that will end up in the junk mail. Every mail counts. An email sending service gives you the assurance of mail delivery.


4. Accountability

Outsourcing is a contract premised on an understanding between the client and the vendor, that quality is a must for payment to be effected. Accountability has a practical and a legal basis, with financial implications. As such, the mail service provider is obligated to offer the best of the service. The same may not be applicable for internally provided transactional mail services.


The world is becoming smarter each minute. Do you need a service? Someone is waiting to offer a solution. It is possible for businesses to run their own email services from their servers, but given that everyone is on the run to save on costs and maximize their profits, the trend is to outsource. The merits of outsourcing cannot be overstated. It has become a core competence for many businesses with the realization that there are more disadvantages to running a large group of unidentical business ventures.