4 Best Fitness Apps for New Gym-Goers

4 Best Fitness Apps for New Gym-Goers
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Health and fitness have become a lifestyle for millions of people in the US. But many times, you may not afford a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals. However, numerous apps will assist you. Here are five of them.

1. Fit Radio
Fit Radio features music from more than 40 different genres. The music has a perfect blend of the various genres to ensure you obtain the needed energy to complete your workouts. Instead of just listening to the few genres you are used to, you will be exposed to other types that will also boost your morale. If you like cardio, you can use the Coach Instructor feature where a trainer will guide you through cardio activity. You will pick the activity type you are looking to do, the intensity level range, the period of the session, and the music.
2. Aaptiv
Aaptiv allows you to choose a personal trainer. Upon opening the app, you will pick the goals you are looking to accomplish in the gym before choosing from thousands of exercises available depending on the period you want to work out. You will also pick the workout type, trainer, music, and more. You will then wear your headphones as you begin the workout. When it comes to this app, you will not feel lost, and you won’t need to ask a stranger in the gym awkward questions.
JEFIT features workout plans made for particular skill levels and has an extensive database for workouts. The app has been organized based on the targeted body part and allows you to search for various means to train a body group. You can then read the guide on how to do the workout. There is a GIF to demonstrate the correct way to do the workout. Be sure to set goals for the exercise and keep track of the progress.
4. Strong
Strong allows you to log every set of each workout and analyze results over the years. The app can let you know of your best performance of a particular workout. When it comes to a premium version that starts at $4.99 per month, you will be able to know the amount of time you have spent on each workout. It has a timer to offer this data. Strong also features advanced plate calculator to add up your weight. Moreover, it has an extensive list of exercises, and it has most of the workouts you might need. In case it does not have a specific workout, you can add it manually.

Whichever workout you are looking to do, these four apps have you covered. You will get to work out by yourself while boosting your morale with some great music.