4 Decorations That Will Make A Wedding Shower

4 Decorations That Will Make A Wedding Shower
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Nothing gets a bridal shower started quite like the choice of decorations. Whatever theme or color scheme you’re going with, the entire atmosphere of the bridal shower depends upon how it is decorated.

Decorating Your Bridal Shower

Tasked with having to plan the bridal shower? Don’t wait until the last minute stressing about decorations for the party. Shop around and find decor and party favors that the bride and her guests will love. Read on for some of this year’s best bridal shower decorations.

1. Letter Balloons

Huge letter balloons are a party favorite, whatever the occasion. Choose letter balloons to spell out cute words like love, she said yes, bride, or the bride’s initials. Choose silver, gold, or DIY the balloons with a bright color with spray paint.

Huge balloon letters also act as a great photo opp. With a Polaroid camera handy, you can easily capture this moment and give the guests a lovely memento to take home with them. If you go with these beautiful balloons, they will set the tone for the rest of the party’s decorations.

2. Dessert Toppers

A bridal shower isn’t too early to introduce a cake topper. This party is a perfect opportunity to bring in a sample of the wedding day’s cake as well. Choose a cake topper that says “future Mrs.” or “almost married” to help celebrate the bride’s engagement.

In addition to a “future Mrs.” cake topper, consider going for the diamond theme as well. Give your desserts a touch of class by adding ring dessert toppers to them. Whether you choose cakes, donuts, or cupcakes, giving them an extra hit of bling will make the party perfect.

3. Diamond String Lights

String lights are never unpopular at parties. Choose string lights in colors that go well with the rest of the party decor, even if you are going for a particularly creative bridal shower theme. String lights are an especially beautiful choice in decoration if you’re throwing the bridal shower outdoors in the evening.

4. Decorative Wedding Ring Napkins

There can never be enough diamond ring decor at a bridal shower. Don’t forget the napkins when you’re planning the shower. Choose decorative napkins with a diamond print or can find napkins in the shape of a ring themselves.

Planning a bridal shower is all about channeling the excitement of the big day into every moment before the actual wedding. Choose decorations that you know the bride will love and that set the tone for an incredible and memorable event.