4 Low-Cost Ways to Speed Up the Moving Process

4 Low-Cost Ways to Speed Up the Moving Process
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Unfortunately moving can become very expensive and take up a lot of your time. While no one really likes the chore of moving, there are a few low cost ways to speed up the moving process. Here are 4 ways to improve the moving process for you:

Condense as Much as You Can
Cut out the cost of packing materials. If you have fewer things to wrap and box up, it will speed up the entire process. Use what you already have to store items for the move. Utilize the things you will already be taking with you. You can wrap dishes with your towels. Leave clothes on the hangers and cover them with a garment bag or trash bag. Pack items in your drawers or suitcases instead of boxes.

Organize the Moving Truck
Save time by organizing the moving truck. The more you fit into one load the quicker you can get the move done. No one wants to make extra trips because you didn’t get everything the first time. Think of it like a real life Tetris game. You may also consider using more than one vehicle for the move.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Help
Instead of hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck, ask friends and family to help you. You can buy everyone pizza for helping and still save money! With a handful of friends to pack and move your things, the process will go much faster. Not only will you be able to pack faster, but you can ask them haul your things for you too. Even if you have to rent vehicles, having an extra person to drive will speed up the time it takes to complete your move.


When you’re packing items, consider if you really need to take it with you. If it’s something you don’t need or don’t want, now is a good time to get rid of it. Don’t waste time packing, loading and unloading things that you don’t really need or want. When you start packing, you will probably be surprised by all the junk you unknowingly collected. Take this opportunity to efficiently get rid of unnecessary things that would take up important space in the truck.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the time consuming and expensive process of moving. These low cost ways to speed up the moving process may seem relatively obvious, but the stress of moving all your possessions can get you off track. Go in with a plan and keep these few things in mind, and these 4 tips will improve the moving process for you.