4 Tips for Long Term Use of a Portable Storage Unit

4 Tips for Long Term Use of a Portable Storage Unit
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You may have a lot of belongings that need to be stored for a longer period of time than you have stored them before. You could be going away for a military deployment, temporarily moving to a new city for work, or remodeling your home for months at a time. Portable storage units may be your go-to in this situation, but you want your belongings to stay safe while they are in them. Your long term storage needs will be different than people who just need a month or two of storage. Read on for four tips to consider when you need to use a portable storage unit for long term storage.

1. Consider How You Pack

Come up with a clear plan of how you will pack your belongings. Anything that you definitely don’t see a use for in the next few months or so should be packed first, in the back of the unit. You may wish to keep boxes of important paperwork in the front in case you or a family member needs easy access. Consider making a small aisle in the unit that will allow you to access boxes and bins in the back if the need arises.

2. Keep Everything Labeled

You may think that you will remember where things are when you go to unpack, but don’t leave it to chance. Carefully attach labels to the tops and sides of boxes and bins. Use magic marker to write on plastic storage containers and boxes if you don’t trust a label. When you pack, make sure you can clearly see the label when you look at the box or bin. You’ll thank yourself when you go to unpack in a year!

3. Keep Clutter and Dirt Away

Don’t just throw everything in a box for your future self to sort through later. Carefully organize your belongings before you pack them. Anything you bring into a portable storage unit should also be cleaned before it sits for months or years. Who wants to pull out dirty furniture when they finally clear out their unit?

4. Choose Sturdy Bins

Portable storage units are well-known for being pretty indestructible and safe. With tight locks and solid construction all around, most pests can’t get into them. However, it doesn’t hurt to be safe, just in case. Choose sturdy packing bins made out of hard plastic to store your belongings in, especially if they will be sitting on the ground. This will also help keep your things safe in the event the unit is damaged and outdoor elements seep in. Mold and mildew can ruin your precious mementos and belongings, so pack carefully!

Follow the above four tips to make sure your belongings are secure if you need long term storage. Enjoy the ease of a portable storage unit while being assured your things are taken care of!