5 Household Items You Should Store Offsite

5 Household Items You Should Store Offsite
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Most people never think about where we store things. It’s wherever we have room and is appropriate for the content. What we don’t know is that there are certain things we should off site in either physical or digital form for their protection or your protection, both.

The most common places to store things are closets, basements and attics. There are reasons certain items should never show up in these common spaces. Here. we’ll discuss what, where and why they should live offsite.

Your Precious Photographs: Though we lean towards digital photos, we still have boxes full of past decades and generations’ worth. It’s a shame to place them in basements, but any area of the house can cause them to rot, become brittle or discolor from temperature changes and the elements. Might we suggest storing them in a climate-controlled storage bin or better yet, scan them into a cloud-based computer storage system. You’ll not have to worry about losing them even when your computer breaks down.

Important Papers: We all have papers we need attached to our lives. They need to be in perfect condition when we need them. Consider scanning them into a cloud-based computer storage system. You can also keep them in a post office box.

Family Antiques and Keepsakes: A basement or attic is not appropriate for these items either. Closets invite theft should you have an unfortunate break in. If you don’t want to show them off in the house, store them in a secure, climate controlled storage. Some antique wood items and untreated wood will collect mildew spots. Any damage from temperature or elements will lower the value of these items.

Sleeping bags and other soft fabric camping equipment: There’s nothing more disappointing and inconvenient than finding your camping gear ruined by mold and mildew. Not to mention the possibility of holes and pulls made by pests and other objects placed around them. Store your camping gear in an offsite storage unit.

Your old or extra technology: If you’re upgrading or an old hack and want to keep your used computers for parts, then keeping them in the house is not the thing to do. Computer and tech equipment react to temperature changes. Keep them neat, clean and in fine-tuned working order in an off-site storage unit.

These are household items that we don’t realize can ruin by being kept in the house. Basements, attics, closets, spare rooms and even under a bed where you believe things care safe when not in use can destroy your things and even cost you money in the long run. It’s a smart move to assess your belongings from time to time and store them in an appropriate spot.