5 Important Things to Discuss with Your Wedding Photographer

5 Important Things to Discuss with Your Wedding Photographer
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Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect- especially the wedding pictures. These pictures will be the best way to reminisce about your special day and show other people your wedding. You need to hire the best photographer available, of course, but the photographer can only do so much. Make sure to discuss these particular things to get the pictures that you want.

1. Important Guests
Of course every guest is important. However, you need to let the photographer know who your immediate family is and people that you definitely want in photos. Introduce the photographer to you grandfather and great-grandmother. Make sure to point out people who came from long distances to see you get married. The photographer will know that it’s important to get good photos of these particular people.

2. Go Through the Photographer’s Portfolio and Discuss Certain Shots
Don’t’ just assume that you can get the exact same shot as the person in another photo. Background color, lighting, and other factors do come into play. Therefore, be specific when discussing what you like. A shot of you with an out of focus background could look perfect in the right conditions. Make sure that the photographer knows your plan. Also, listen to his advice! If he thinks something won’t turn out properly, there’s a reason for that.

3. Posed Versus Candid
It is your wedding, and you want the shots to look your way. Talk to the photographer about any definite posed shots you have in mind, and tell him your plans for other shots. A lot of times, posed shots can look stiff. Other times, they can look beautiful. Let the photographer know your style, so he knows what shots to capture.

4. Discuss Possible Problems
If you’re worried that, despite forecasts of clear skies, it might rain, create a plan with the photographer so you both know what will happen. Also, let the photographer know if there are certain people who should definitely not be together in a picture. You don’t need that tension on your wedding day!

5. Have Fun!
The most important aspect here is to create pictures that capture new love and people celebrating it. So get excited by discussing silly pictures and coming up with cool, posed shots. Take pictures that will make you smile twenty years later on your anniversary. Plus, pictures always come out best when people are wearing a sincere smile.

Your photographer must work with the information and instructions that he is given. So take the time to think these things out and give him the proper instructions to get the best pictures possible!