5 Industries that Benefit from Metrology Equipment

5 Industries that Benefit from Metrology Equipment
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Have you ever wondered how many industries and economies metrology affects? Metrology is defined as the study and implementation of scientific weights and measurements. The term metrology is often confused with the study of the weather which is called “Meteorology”. According to this 2013 article at Azom.com, metrology dates back to the ancient world however, the modern metrology we use today is derived from the French Revolution. In the early days of mankind our ancestors used various methods to measure and weight items and goods usually for trading purposes. There are three types of metrology: Industrial Metrology , Scientific Metrology , and Legal Metrology. In this review we will discuss the top uses of metrology today and into the future.

Scientific Research and Studies.
Scientists today use sensitive equipment to carry out research and to study our observable universe. Computer scientists also use metrology to make sense of large pictures of data. Telescopes such as the Hubble telescope benefit from advanced metrology instruments. Chemists use metrology in labs to correctly mix solutions together.

Industrial Metrology.
Industrial metrology encompasses a large group of organizations. For example, companies that produce beverages, oil and gas, cleaning products and others. Since the industrial revolution began, metrology has been a common place among the industry. The ability to measure precise amounts is very useful for line production of goods.

Legal Metrology.
According to OIML.org legal metrology refers to the application of legal requirements to measurements and measuring equipment. That is to say legal metrology methods are used to understand the limitations of our environment and technology. For instance, car manufacturers have to know how far their vehicles can go before they run out of gas. This number is calculated in miles per gallon in the United States yet, other countries use kilometers.

Metrology in Business.
Organizations also use metrology to measure trends and growth in economic markets. These measurements influences how much a particular good or service cost. For example, companies that produce cereal foods continually lower and raise how much cereal they produce to insure quality. Metrology is also useful for measuring time as well as distance.

Metrology Today.
Metrology has come a long way from the days of kings officially stating how long a yard is by stretching their arm. The science of measuring is used by everyone whether we realize it or not. Metrology is the reason for consistency in the goods and services we all buy. In a way metrology keeps these products ethical; meaning each product that is produced has to average around the same size. It would not be fair for two different people to pay the same price yet, they receive far different amounts. Every time we measure ingredients for cooking we are using metrology in its basic form. As long as we need to measure things metrology will always be useful.