5 Items to Sell When Moving Cross Country

5 Items to Sell When Moving Cross Country
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Moving across the country is an exciting event. However, it can be very expensive to make this type of move. While the IRS offers tax deductions for moving, you will still need money for upfront costs. One way to make a little extra money for your movie is to sell some of your stuff. Here are five things you may consider selling:

Large Furniture Items

Moving and transporting furniture can be very expensive if you hire movers, and you can injure yourself if you try to move them on your own. You may want to consider selling couches, large tables, gun safes, and even large aquariums. You can always buy some of these things again once you are settled into your new place.


Mattresses are heavy, bulky, and they take up a lot of room in the back of a moving truck. Plus, you wouldn’t want the worry of transporting one on the top of your vehicle for up to 3,000 miles. A big bonus of doing this, aside from the extra money, is that you will be able to look forward to sleeping on a brand-new mattress at your new place.


If you have a second or third car that you do not drive often, you may want to sell it. You’ll make a good amount of money off a vehicle, and you won’t have to worry about transporting it. If you are moving alone, you might have to hire someone to drive your other vehicles for you, or you might have to pay for a transport truck. All of this can be expensive, especially when it comes to fuel costs.

Large Electronics

Large Flat-Screen TVs are easy to damage during a move, and stereo equipment is delicate as well. If you can part with them, you may wish to sell large electronic items. The bonus of doing this is that you can purchase updated electronics that will last a lot longer than your old stuff.

Items You Rarely Use

You don’t just have to think big when you are considering which items to sell. Clothes that you no longer wear, DVDs, CDs, books, and kitchen appliances can all be sold, and these small sales can really add up. While you are packing, take stock of everything. If you haven’t used it in six months to a year, chances are that you won’t use it again.

The Huffington post offers more moving tips and you might find that you’re happier with the new stuff, anyway.
There are a lot of options for selling things, including newspaper ads, online ads, and even good, old-fashioned yard sales.