5 Maintenance Tips to Know for Cleaning Your Vape

5 Maintenance Tips to Know for Cleaning Your Vape
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After investing in buying your new vaping device, you would want to do everything possible to keep it as efficient as possible. One secret any experience vape user will tell you is to do regular maintenance. This will ensure your vape is working correctly and kept in a tiptop condition, making you enjoy the best flavor. Therefore, the following are 5 helpful maintenance tips to know when cleaning your vape.

1. Dismantle your vape before doing a deep cleaning

A vape contains various components that fit together to provide an efficient vaping experience. In order to keep your device working optimally, you need to take your time and effort to conduct a thorough cleaning. But first, dismantle the various components so as to clean them separately. If you need assistance in taking it apart, you can check the manual that you bought it with. Once the components are dismantled, you can go ahead and clean the coils, tanks, wicks, and atomizers independently.

2. Use cleaning detergents

Suppose you want to get rid of the most stubborn traces in your tank, it’s advisable to use detergents. Usually, there are various types of cleaning detergents that you can choose. These include washing up liquid, baking soda, vodka, vinegar, and lemon juice. Once you’ve cleared out all the traces, be sure to rinse thoroughly with clean water.

3. Clean the battery using a clean, dry cloth

The battery is one of the essential parts of your vape. If poorly cleaned, it can significantly affect how your device functions. Also, if your battery catches dirt at its terminals, your vaping device can be affected negatively. That being said, you need to ensure that you clean your battery regularly using a clean, dry cloth. As a caution, avoid using water or any other cleaning solution at the terminals as it may cause adverse effects to its use.

4. Dry your vape after cleaning

When you are done with your cleaning, it’s advisable that you first rinse it completely out of water. If any water remains in the tanks, atomizer, or wicks, it will dilute the e-liquid hence affecting the quality of your vapor. Therefore, you need to dry off any dampness using a dry towel and leave it to air for about 12 hours before using it. Alternatively, you can also use a fan to blow air over the dissembled parts to quicken the drying process.

5. Always clean your vape regularly.

Regular cleaning is one of the best maintenance practices you can give to your vape. Usually, when vaping, warm vapors do come into contact with the cooler elements of the device. This leads to condensation and deposition of sticky, resinous sediments. If left uncleaned, the sediments can accumulate in your vape, causing inefficiency. However, with regular cleaning, this problem can significantly be avoided.

Proper maintenance is not only important for the functioning of your vape but also increases the vaping experience. A properly maintained vape not only gives you rich flavor but also improves your vaporizing experience. Therefore if you carry out regular maintenance, it’s almost guaranteed that your vapor device will serve you well for long.