5 Must-Have Photographs for Your Wedding Day

5 Must-Have Photographs for Your Wedding Day
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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. The day will go by so quickly that you’ll struggle to say hello to everyone and still remember everything happening around you. That’s why the pictures are so important. You will have them for the rest of your life. There are a couple of shots that you simply must get. Here are 5 must-have photographs for your wedding day.

1. Walking Down the Aisle

The moment that the bride arrives and walks down the aisle is a special moment. In many cases, this is the first time the groom has seen his bride in her dress. This is her moment where all eyes are on her, and you want to capture that beautiful moment. Years later, the couple will be able to look back at how beautiful she was on her wedding day. Get the bride from a number of different angles, including the groom’s perspective as well as the back.

2. Generational Photo

For the couple who is lucky enough to have parents, grandparents, and even children at the wedding ceremony, it’s important to capture the multiple generations together. This is a special moment for the entire family, not only the bride and groom. This moment should be remembered.

3. All the Firsts

There are a number of firsts throughout the ceremony and the reception. Two of the biggest firsts will be the first kiss and the first dance. These are moments you want them to remember for the rest of their life. The pictures can do that.

4. The Venue and Decorations

People spent a lot of time and money decorating the location of the ceremony and the wedding. You should do everything in your power to capture the hard work that went into these decorations. Take pictures of the bridal table, the centerpieces, and the cake.

5. Dance Party

This is a celebration! People will be drinking and dancing, having a good time. Take pictures of all of the fun shenanigans throughout the night. Get the guests and the bride and groom dancing, laughing, and having fun. This is a perfect time for unexpected, candid shots. Use your best judgement, though, and make s sure that you don’t take pictures that will be overly embarrassing unless specifically requested to by the bride and groom.

Your wedding day is something you want to remember forever. Capture those important moments. Hire a professional photographer and ask friends to take pictures, too. The more memories, the better.