5 New Trends in Modern Kitchens

5 New Trends in Modern Kitchens
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You’ve always heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where your family gathers to talk about their day, and friends congregate here to share their lives. Let’s not forget that the kitchen is where you prepare and eat some fantastic meals. There are many reasons to keep this area updated and fresh, and the trends are always changing. If you’re wondering what the top five renovation trends are for the modern kitchen, then look no further.

1. Bold Back splash

Gone are the accent walls, and now it is a bold back splash that’s turning heads. Designers are getting more creative with this area to enhance the entire space. Taking the tile all the way to the ceiling creates a dramatic effect. Choose a pattern that has visual interest and coordinate everything else around this element. Don’t be afraid to use a tile with a pop of color, either.

2. Room Dividers

Okay, so the open concept is still king. However, some people like there to be somewhat of a separation between their rooms. The solution is a room divider. While these are not a new item, they are making a comeback from the 1970’s. Today’s version is modern with glass and steel. It still allows there to be an open floor plan, but it has the visual effect of separate spaces. Plus, they can look quite stunning as they dress up a room.

3. Dark Hues

The whole farmhouse look brought back bland white walls. Surprisingly, it looks fantastic with most décor. Though it’s a bit sterile, it opens the door to get creative with design elements. Gone are the dark, drab colors that make a room look gloomy. Now, you can brighten any space with a coat of white paint. You can thank those designers down in Waco, Texas, for this bold move to bring back a washed-out palette.

4. Build-in Benches

You want your kitchen to be a place where people congregate and linger. It seems that nothing is better for that than bench seating. It will update the dining area to have a lounge feel. If you love the style and want to go with a permanent fixture, a banquette is ideal.

5. Pink Appliances

You may be asking yourself why anyone would want to put pink in their kitchen? Remember the Bakelite products from the 1980s that brought refrigerators and appliances in this girly hue? Well, it seems they are making a comeback. Some people are going as far as painting their kitchen cabinets this color. Think of the bold design choices you can incorporate when you use pink.

Just because something is fashionable doesn’t mean it works for you or your space. However, it’s essential to follow the trends if you’re putting your home on the market. You can always get more bang for your buck if you have a hip, modern home over one that’s outdated.