5 New Ways to Enjoy the Beach

5 New Ways to Enjoy the Beach
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Summer is quickly approaching, almost on the horizon. There are a multitude of ways to enjoy the summer season, and many of them take place on a nice sandy expanse of beach. Listed below are some of the more unorthodox ways of enjoying a trip to the beach, ways that deviate from the beaten path of routine.

1. The beach doesn’t have to be confined to the binary of land and water. Going on a duck boat tour can be a rewarding experience for the whole family, with locations from Austin, TX to Seattle, WA offering daily service. In this modern era, the standard duck boat tour has refined its collective approach in bringing together two opposing yet harmonious elements of the beach side experience.

2. There are many ways to tackle the waves, armed with little more than wits and plexi-glass against titanic walls of water. One of the most popular and adventurous of these comes in the form of the noble art of wind surfing. Wind surfing has taken on a competitive edge in recent years, as shown in this article by CNN. There is something about the thrill of piloting a minimalist craft against such an insurmountable force that awakens inspiration and determination in thrill seekers across the globe.

3. As wonderful and idyllic as it is on land, sometimes the urge strikes to delve below the surface and view the world below the world through a thick shield of glass. Summer is hot. What better way to enjoy the ocean than through a cushioned, air condition seat in the midst of a submarine tour? Through the sub’s lens, oceanic worlds and aquatic treasures can be seen from a unique perspective. Even the Titanic will soon be accessible in the upcoming year, according to this article.

4. In recent times, there has been a peculiar trend of young entrepreneurs attempting to turn everything into a bar. There have been reports of bars suspended dozens of stories above ground, mobile bicycle bars powered by the collective footwork of its patrons, and now finally there are beach bars. Taking a cue from stationary floating bars in pools, beach bars are little more than glorified boats with a bartender. Regardless, these boat bars offer drinks with a fantastic view, and the same intimacy that their bicycle-based ilk offer back on land.

5. The last item on this list isn’t quite a new way to enjoy the beach, but more of a timeless experience that will never lose its luster. Surfing is a reliable source of diversion regardless of location, as nothing can compare to the feel of conquering a set of waves and paddling home after a long day’s work.