5 Reasons to Take Employees to a Trampoline Park

5 Reasons to Take Employees to a Trampoline Park
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The subject of teambuilding is often met with mixed response. While some of your employees may appreciate a respite from their normal workday, others may have memories of previous teambuilding retreats that were boring or awkward. One of the most important steps when planning a retreat is to plan fun activities. A trampoline park is not a traditional venue for a team retreat, but a closer look reveals why this may be the perfect spot for your next event.

Physical Fitness 
Regular exercise and overall physical fitness are linked to productivity, focus and attendance. Rather than planning a retreat that forces your team to be sedentary for long hours, make plans for an active retreat. A trampoline park may have many huge trampolines to accommodate your entire team as well as various other activities.

Stress Relief 
As your team moves around actively, they inevitably will burn off some steam. Jumping on a trampoline and participating in other fun events at the trampoline park may help them to regain a sense of their youth and to feel rejuvenated. Even those who were reluctant to attend to teambuilding event likely will leave the park with great memories of their experience.

One of the primary purposes of a team retreat is bonding. Retreats get your team out of their regular environment, and it encourages active communication. Conflicts may be mitigated, and your team may see each other in a new and more relaxed light. When your team bonds deeply, they may collaborate better in the office.

Employee Retention 
Employees who are satisfied with their work environment are less likely to leave in search of another position elsewhere. Job satisfaction is linked to employee relationships, a lack of conflict in the workplace, a general sense of community or belonging and more. These are all improved upon through positive teambuilding events, and your team is likely to have a wonderful experience at a trampoline park.

Year-Round Fun
Some of the other retreat venues that you are thinking about heading to may be outdoors and impractical throughout much of the year. In the summer and winter months, weather conditions may be extreme and are not suitable for spending long hours outdoors. Even in spring and fall months, weather conditions are often unpredictable. An indoor environment like a trampoline park enables active movement and bonding in a climate-controlled area.

While a trampoline park may commonly be viewed as a venue suitable for kids and teens, the reality is that anyone can have a blast using the trampolines and other features at the park. More than that, this environment may provide several key benefits for your teambuilding event that other venues and activities could provide.