5 Reasons You Should Always Insure A Wireless Phone

5 Reasons You Should Always Insure A Wireless Phone
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Since the original iPhone was released, U.S. consumers have spent at least $23.5 billion on smartphone repairs. If you own a phone of any kind, it’s likely that you’ll seriously damage or lose it at some point. To make matters worse, many phone owners don’t opt for cellphone insurance. A comprehensive insurance plan for your mobile handset makes a lot of sense for several reasons.

Phone Repair Prices Are Steep

Replacing a cracked display on a typical Android or iOS phone can cost upwards of $150 depending on the model. Water-damaged phones are even more difficult to repair assuming they’re salvageable in the first place. If you’ve spent good money to buy the latest and greatest phone available, you should take steps to protect your substantial technology investment.

Cellphone Theft Is Rampant

In 2013 alone, at least 3.1 million Americans had their phones stolen. While statistics on recovery are spotty, it’s safe to say that only about half of those victims ended up getting their phones back. Even if your phone is returned to you at some point, there’s a good chance that it will have been damaged by the thief.

Most Warranties Are Inadequate

Generally speaking, manufacturers and wireless carriers consider anything beyond spontaneous phone combustion to be the fault of the user. So unless you leave your cellphone in a bulletproof Lexan box when you’re not using it, you’ll end up paying for repairs sooner or later. A third-party insurance plan will cover everything beyond product defects that a warranty won’t.

Insurance Is Incredibly Affordable

Nowadays, you can insure your cellphone for as little as $6 per month. Considering the likelihood that you’ll need a repair or a replacement sometime in the span of two years, that’s a steal. Most insurers charge about $50 for a deductible and include theft or loss protection. Best of all, filing a claim is almost always a hassle-free experience.

Downtime Isn’t an Option for Most

If you’re like the average American, a reliable cellphone is more or less a must for personal and professional reasons. Even a day without a cell can cost you money and disrupt your life. Insuring your phone guarantees that you can get back to normal without having to shell out potentially hundreds of dollars upfront on a replacement model.

Finding the Right Plan for You

The great thing about wireless phone insurance is that there are dozens of solid options available for every kind of consumer. The key to getting the best deal is finding the perfect plan for your phone and your lifestyle. Do your homework and carefully weigh the pros and cons of any given package before signing up.