5 Signs Your Company Needs Random Drug Testing

5 Signs Your Company Needs Random Drug Testing
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Pre-employment drugs tests are often standard during hiring processes, but what happens if you suspect that your employees are using drugs after they have started work? Random drug tests are the best way to get the truth out of the situation, and they leave the employee no time to prepare for the event. Here are five signs that your company needs random drug testing.

1. You Notice An Inconsistency In Behavior
It is hard for a substance abuser to remain consistent with their actions. If you find that your once devoted and reliable employee is now frequently late for work or neglects to show up for their shifts, they may be using drugs. Also, pay attention to fidgety behavior and random mood swings. Learn more about behavioral changes that are common among addicts.

2. Some Of Your Employees Have Aggressive Tendencies
One of the numerous unpleasant side effects of substances is that they can often influence one’s state of mind. Unwarranted aggression and risky behavior are key indicators that drugs may be a factor. These traits can manifest in the form of being overly confrontational or easily agitated.

3. Work Equipment Has Gone Missing
The substance abuser is often a thief. To support a drug habit, many users may resort to stealing pricey items. If you have noticed that equipment has come up missing recently, you have good reason to suspect foul play.

4. Your Employees Are Less Productive
If the seemingly manageable workload tends to be piling up lately, assigning overtime hours may not be the solution. Drug abusers are generally less productive during the workday and can be costing you more money to employ them. They will often spend their time in a distracted state of being or appear to be disinterested in their job. They may lack a sense of urgency or general comprehensive skills. Learn how employee drug abuse could be costing your company money.

5. Some Workers Appear To Be Under The Influence
Oftentimes, you can spot a drug abuser just based on their appearance. You may notice that an employee has neglected to take care of their personal hygiene or has random marks on their skin, especially near the veins. They may even twitch uncontrollably, slur their speech, or even sweat in cool environments.

It’s a costly mistake to ignore the signs of drug addiction. Doing so can create a toxic, unsafe work environment. Not to mention, if someone who is under the influence has an accident while on the clock, you will be responsible for the damage. Random drug testing is a means of protection for the company as a whole, as well as its assets.