5 Skin-Care Habits You Should Start Now

5 Skin-Care Habits You Should Start Now
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The skin is one of the main features of your appearance that determines how well you age over time. Many people make the mistake of failing to care for their skin each day, which can cause wrinkles to develop and a loss of elasticity. To provide proper care for your skin, there are a number of habits to begin practicing early on to preserve your youthfulness.

1. Apply Sunscreen Each Morning

UV rays are extremely damaging to the skin and can cause wrinkles and sun spots to develop with frequent exposure. According to realsimple.com, it’s important to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 and apply it underneath makeup. Although many people assume that sunscreen should only be worn on sunny days, you can still suffer from skin damage on cloudy days. Coat the ears, neck, and face for proper coverage and apply two coats to ensure that you don’t miss any areas.

2. Apply a Bag of Veggies on the Eyes

Ice can reduce inflammation that develops on the skin and will provide relief for itchy eyes that can cause you to look tired. Apply a pack of frozen peas or veggies on your eyes for five minutes each day to restore the pigmentation of the skin and allow you to appear more alert. Although ice packs can be used, bags of vegetables will contour to your facial features and will prove to be more effective with improving the condition of your skin.

3. Moisturize Regularly

The skin is most likely to age at a faster rate when it doesn’t have enough hydration. Maintain the water content in the skin by using products that contain ceramides, which is a lipid that will increase the elasticity. Moisturize day and night, especially during the winter season when your skin is more prone to becoming dry.

4. Exfoliate the Skin Daily

According to 12news.com, exfoliating daily will remove dead skin cells with a natural scrub that will allow your skin to remain subtle. This will also prevent wrinkles and fine lines from developing while allowing the pores to breathe. You can also consider exfoliating the skin with a towel when the skin is dry after taking a shower to remove flakiness that can develop.

5. Drink Tea

Studies show that consuming tea on a regular basis will protect the skin from damage due to the protective compounds that the beverage contains, which includes theaflavins and EGCG. This will work to prevent skin cancers from developing while also maintaining collagen that is produced, which increases the elasticity of the skin.