5 Steps for a Green Lawn

5 Steps for a Green Lawn
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All homeowners desire a lush green and healthy lawn. Many of these homeowners mistakenly believe that it takes too much time and effort to possess the lawn they envision. The truth is, there are a number of simple steps that can be taken to grow the lawn you desire.

Mow Highter And More Often

One way to ensure a greener lawn is to raise your lawnmower height to a higher setting. Taller grass will grow roots that are both longer and stronger. This will help your grass compete with weeds for space, withstand drought, and become more resilient to pests. The exact length of the grass will depend on its type but you should never cut more than one-third of the height of the grass at one cutting.


Your lawn will need regular fertilization to grow as green and healthy as possible. The amount of fertilizer you should use will depend on the lawn quality you desire and how much time you have to devote to the process. You can perform a soil test to get an idea of how much fertilizer to use in the beginning. It should be enough to fertilize your lawn three to four times a year in most cases.


It will not do much for your lawn to turn on the sprinkler a for a short period of time a few days a week. Your lawn will be healthier if you make use of deeper waterings less often. This will cause your roots to extend deeper into the soil and guard against the effects of a drought. It is suggested that you water one inch deep once each week. A number of factors could cause you to adjust this schedule including the type of grass you are growing, the type of soil you use, and the climate in which you live.

Make Use Of Compost

Taking the time to compost your grass clipping will help your lawn grow green and healthy while helping with waste reduction. You can also compost kitchen waste. This compost will provide a number of benefits to your lawn including providing nutrition, preventing the topsoil from eroding, and protection against disease present in the soil.

Lawn Aeration

The soil of your lawn can become quite compacted over time. This condition will negatively affect the absorption of nutrients and water drainage. The process of lawn aeration involves punching three feet holes across the area of your lawn. This will improve the ability of air and water to circulate through your soil and ensure the soil gets the nutrition it needs.

Many homeowners believe the lawn they desire is beyond their means for one reason or another. However, with a little effort and strategy, the grass in your yard can be transformed into the lawn of your dreams in no time.