5 Unique Gifts to Give a Animal Lover

5 Unique Gifts to Give a Animal Lover
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America is a nation of animal lovers. From domestic dogs and cats to chimpanzees and tigers living in sanctuaries, animals are much-loved in our society. When you want to give something special, here are five unique gifts to give an animal lover:

1. Sponsor an Animal

Animals living in shelters, sanctuaries, and zoos need a great amount of support from humans. Many organizations allow people to sponsor an animal in their care, which allows the animal to receive the necessary food, medicine, habitat, and enrichment activities it needs to lead a happy and fulfilling life. In exchange for a monthly donation, sponsors receive updates and photos of their sponsored animal on a regular basis.

2. Symbolically Adopt an Animal

While it is not possible to adopt a real-life manatee or African elephant, it is possible to symbolically adopt a wide variety of animal species. Many non-profit animal organizations offer symbolic animal adoptions. The “adoption kit” often contains a plush toy representation of the adopted animal, as well as information sheets about its life and habits. Adopting an endangered animal is especially beneficial, as the funds raised can be used to secure and protect the animal’s future.

3. After Hours Visitations

Many animal welfare organizations hold “after hours” visitations. For a donation, members of the public can attend events that are held outside of the organization’s normal operating hours. Examples include camping overnight in the local aquarium or attending a fancy ball at the zoo. These events often allow people to have special access to the animals, such as feeding the giraffes or swimming with the sea otters. They are a rare treat for animal lovers to get up close and personal with their favorite creatures.

4. Yearly Membership

Animal lovers enjoy being around animals as much and as often as they can. Gifting them a year-long membership to their favorite zoo, sanctuary, or aquarium is a guaranteed way to bring joy to their lives. Being able to visit a place that they love, whenever they wish, is a welcome and appreciated gift. Memberships often come with additional benefits (such as discounts on food or souvenirs), which makes the gift even more enjoyable.

5. Nose Print Jewelry

Lovers of domestic dogs and cats can now wear copies of their pets’ nose prints around their necks in the form of necklaces. Pet parents make a mold of their pet’s nose and send it off, where it is then re-created in silver or gold and hung on a necklace. While this gift is not as experiential as the other gifts presented, it is a loving and unique way for owners to keep their fur-babies close to their hearts.

Enjoy spoiling the animal lover in your life!