5 Vaping Etiquette Tips You Should Know

5 Vaping Etiquette Tips You Should Know
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Electronic cigarettes are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional tobacco. Many smokers are making the switch to these products due to their potential to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Though they technically do not emit smoke, they can still be bothersome to those around you, so it is important to remember these vaping etiquette tips when using e-cigarette.

1.Don’t Vape Around Children or Pregnant Women
Just like with traditional tobacco products, it should really go without saying that vaping around children and pregnant women is highly frowned upon. While vaping may be considered a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes for adult smokers, the Center for Disease Control says that e-cigarettes are harmful to both children and pregnant women, and should not be used by or around them.

2. Refrain From Vaping Inside of Non-Smoking Establishments
Even though you aren’t technically “smoking”, using your e-cigarette in non-smoking establishments is not generally permitted and can even result in getting ticketed, fined, or kicked out. Taking a chance on vaping in indoor, non-smoking public establishments definitely isn’t worth the risk!

3. Watch Where You Are Blowing Your Vapor
It may not smell like cigarette smoke, but the vapor you exhale can still have a strong smell and be distasteful to those around you. Avoid blowing your e-cig vapor directly at others whenever possible.

4. When You Are A Guest in Someone’s House, Ask Before Vaping
Just like you would not just light up a cigarette without asking when visiting someone else’s home, it is always important to check with your host to make sure they do not have a problem with you using your e-cigarette in their house. Nobody likes a rude house guest!

5. If You’re Vaping in the Car, Use Caution
Vaping in your car can leave residue inside your vehicle, as well as bother other passengers you may be riding with. According to this article from Healthline, vaping in your car with children, or in a car that children frequently travel in, can expose them to e-cigarette residues unknowingly (especially since it is often invisible), causing potential heath problems. As a key rule of thumb, think twice about who you may be riding with before using your vape inside of your car.

With vaping on the rise, it is important that you remember other people may be effected by your e-cigarette use. If you wish to be a polite and conscientious person to those around you, make sure to remember these five etiquette tips when using your vape products.