5 Ways a Floor Mat will add Longevity to your Vehicle

5 Ways a Floor Mat will add Longevity to your Vehicle
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Floor mats are one very simple and inexpensive way to keep your car’s interior looking better longer. The addition of floor mats can mean a more attractive car, for longer.

1. Floor mats protect your carpeting from wear and tear. The sharp edges of bits of sand and other dirt can act like lots of tiny knives, cutting through carpet. Dirt brought in on the soles of shoes is often named as one of the prime reasons that residential carpet shows patterns of wear. Floor mats are easy to remove and shake clean or vacuum. If they become worn, they can simply be replaced. They are a cost-conscious way to keep your car looking better longer.

2. Floor mats protect the floor of your car from rust. The backs of automotive mats are rubber for a reason. Underneath your car’s carpet is insulation, and then steel. Steel is made from iron and iron and water do NOT mix. Water on iron or on the iron in steel can cause rust, which can lead to substantial damage to the body of your car. The rubber back keeps water you might spill or bring in on your feet from soaking through the carpeting and insulation in your car’s floor and jeopardizing the integrity of your car’s flooring. A report from CNN goes even further, suggesting you turn your floor mats upside down and put a second floor mat right side up on top.

3. Floor mats protect your carpeting from stains: If your car’s carpet becomes badly stained your options will be limited. Replacement of your car’s carpet is a lengthy and expensive project. Using floor mats can help avoid that expense and keep your car looking better longer. According to a report in the Huffington Post, the resale value of your vehicle is directly affected by its appearance. One of their top suggestions for maximizing its value is –floor mats;

4. Floor mats protect the floor from the corrosive nature of salt. Wintertime is great fun for the snow and ice, but when you have to walk down salted steps, or in the path of salt spread along the sidewalk, you have a highly corrosive material directly on your feet. Protection for your car from the salt or salty water is no more complex than your car’s floor mats.

5. Floor mats protect your car from heel wear. Everyone has seen the holes that heels leave in automotive carpet on the driver’s side. The position of the driver’s foot can cut deeply into the carpeting. If you want to prevent damage of this sort, the answer is – floor mats.