5 Ways to Find Adventure on Your Vacation

5 Ways to Find Adventure on Your Vacation
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You may not be into a full-on adventure trip, complete with sky diving and mountain climbing, but you don’t have to love boring, lowkey vacations, either. Here are five ways to make even a basic vacation much more adventurous.

1. Join a local group.

You my have an itch to live a more adventurous life, but if you’re just starting out, you may not know what to do or how to do it. Check with local outdoor stores to see if they have any upcoming excursions. You may be able to join a hike during your next vacation, get a surfing lesson or learn how to boulder.

2. Plan a micro-adventure.

Adventure doesn’t have to take up a ton of time. If you’re visiting a beautiful, natural area, or touring a new city, you can squeeze a micro-adventure into a day, an afternoon or even an hour or so. Plan a packed excursion in a limited amount of time, like a three-mile hike through the rainforest or a self-guided tour of a European city where you visit a predetermined number of sites.

3. Purposely limit your budget.

Even if you brought a few thousand dollars of play money for your trip, pick a day or two to live on a very tight budget, and see how much you can do for a small amount of money. You may try street food you’ve never tasted before, head to natural places that are free to visit, and get around by foot instead of paying for public transportation, all of which can feel fun, free and adventurous.

4. Head off the path most taken.

Simply getting off the beaten path (and away from tourists) can feel like an adventure. Ask locals what they like to spend the day doing, and then go do that. If you can’t get away from the crowds in the town or city you’re vacationing in, take a day trip to a nearby town or city that most tourists don’t know about.

5. Go off the grid for a bit.

When traveling, it’s common to rely on your technology devices to get around, choose where to go and do research before visiting a restaurant or tourist destination. Turning off your phone, though, can really set the stage for an adventure. You’ll have to navigate and decide what to do all on your own, and you’ll notice things you would’ve definitely missed if you head your nose buried in your phone. You may even get lost, which can be a welcome adventure in and of itself.

Remember, adventure is more a state of mind than a type of activity. With the right outlook, you can make any type of excursion and adventure.