6 Delicious New Ideas for Wedding Food Stations

6 Delicious New Ideas for Wedding Food Stations
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The most memorable aspect of any wedding, aside from the bride’s dress, is the food that was served. And that’s why wedding planners tend to focus so heavily on the dishes that will be served. They want to leave a great lasting impression and make sure that their guests enjoy themselves. If you’re in need of a few ideas for your food station, take a look at these.

1. Pizza
Pizza isn’t typically the first dish that comes to mind when you think of a wedding reception. However, pizza bars are becoming quite popular and there are several ways to serve it. Offer the most traditional personal pizzas such as sausage, pepperoni, or cheese. You may also try something a bit more sophisticated such as smoked salmon, prosciutto, or grilled goat cheese. Consider hiring a gourmet chef to create custom pizzas for your attendees.

2. The Taco Bar
Another laid-back idea if the taco bar. Allow them to build their own with basic ingredients such as cheese, lettuce, beans, rice, and guacamole. Include a variety of meats such as chicken, steak, pork, and shrimp. The key to a great taco bar is to have a server available so that they can help your guests avoid spilling the toppings.

3. Sushi
There are a lot of sushi fans out there, so your guests will appreciate a sushi bar. Have a sushi chef custom make each roll based on the requests of your guests. You may also have rolls already prepared so that they’re easy to grab and go. Included dishes like classic favorites such as Shimp Tempura, California Rolls, and Philadelphia Rolls.

4. Southern-Inspired
Perhaps you want your guests to enjoy a day of comfort food. There’s no better way to do it than with food inspired by the south. Treat them to fried chicken, mac and cheese, candied yam, green beans, and sweet tea. Don’t forget the apple pie and peach cobbler.

5. S’mores
Delight your younger guests with a sweet treat that they’re to remember. Create a s’more bar. Create a display of jars filled with dark, milk, and white chocolate. Prepare large bowls of marshmallows. Stuff baskets full of graham crackers. Your guests can roast their chocolate over sternos and create a custom s’more.

6. Waffles
Who says you can’t have breakfast at your wedding reception? The best part about waffles is that they can be dressed in so many different ways. Fill your bowls with blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. Provide maple syrup, pecan syrup, agave, and strawberry sauce. Offer whipped cream, chocolate chips, and fruit butter. You can either premake the waffles or have a gourmet chef prepare them on the spot.

The beauty of a food station is that it allows your wedding guests to interact with the food and it’s a relaxed alternative. They can customize the experience based on their own personal preferences. And this tends to be better than waiting on a plate that’s already been prepared for them. Each of these ideas is fun and creative.