6 Important Things You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home

6 Important Things You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home
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Selling a home can seem as easy as hanging a “for sale” sign, but there’s more to the process than that. If you’re selling your home, you need to do all you can prior to listing it to make sure it sells. Read on for six things to consider before selling your home.

1. Your Realtor Makes All the Difference

Your realtor will make the difference as you try to sell your home. While many sellers believe that all realtors are created equally, the quality of your real estate agent will have an impact on everything from how quickly your home is sold and how close you get to your asking price. When searching for your realtor, be sure to ask around and interview multiple people. As each realtor will have their own skill sets, contacts, and knowledge of the market, the best agent for you will demonstrate that they are committed to selling your house, are available to you, and will be able to find buyers to meet your price.

2. You’ll Need to Find Your Important Documents

The process of selling a house will require you to dig up old paperwork and documents. This information includes everything from instruction manuals to every appliance and piece of equipment, warranty paperwork, dates of home improvement projects, permits related to renovations, and the like. Compile copies of all this information into one folder to make it easy for any potential buyer to review.

3. Be Smart About When You Sell

While some homeowners can’t pick the time they need to sell, others that don’t have a deadline should be smart about the time they choose to sell. In general, spring months are the best time of the year to sell homes. Selling a home during March, April, and May will yield the best offers.

4. Consider a Pre-Listing Inspection

Though many buyers opt to have their own inspection of a property they’re considering, it’s a good idea for homeowners to get a pre-listing inspection. This inspection will bring to light any issues that they may otherwise be unaware of. Once these issues are discovered, homeowners should make efforts to fix these problems before bringing buyers into the home.

Not sure what to look for in these inspections? All homeowners should test for radon and inspect for pests, check the septic tank, and test the well water.

5. It’s Important to Prepare the Home

Homeowners often understand they need to clean up before showing their home to potential buyers, but extra steps need to be taken to make the house as appealing as possible. Buyers like to see listed properties with fresh paint, professional cleaning, and little-to-no clutter. By painstakingly preparing the home for a showing, homeowners will have more luck selling their home.

6. Pick the Right Price

Homeowners shouldn’t arbitrarily price their homes. Choosing the wrong price will make it that much harder to find the right buyer. By understanding the market and the true value of the home, homeowners will be able to better price their properties.

It’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right buyer as soon as you list your home. However, making the effort to prepare your home will make it easier to sell. Keep this guide in mind as you get your house ready to be listed.