6 Things You Might Not Know About Marijuana

6 Things You Might Not Know About Marijuana
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Marijuana, mary jane, cannabis. Whatever name you use, they all refer to the psychotropic plant that is often used for recreational purposes. Though some people only use marijuana to get high, there are many other uses for cannabis.

Cannabis Facts You Need to Know

The many benefits of cannabis are unknown to most people. Whether you’re a fan of the green or you are simply wanting to learn more about it, you may find the following cannabis facts to be eye-opening:

1. The Name “Marijuana” is Relatively New

Cannabis came to be called “marijuana” around 100 years ago in the United States. Anti-cannabis advocates used the Mexican term “marihuana”, which later became marijuana.

2. Cannabis is from Asia

Though many scientists note that marijuana’s evolution is “poorly understood”, the plant originated in Asia. In Asia, the fruits were eaten and the stems were utilized for their fibers. Cannabis has been cultivated for over 6,000 years, which makes it one of the world’s earliest crops.

3. Ancient Cultures Used Cannabis for Healing

Using cannabis for medicinal purposes is nothing new. In ancient cultures, cannabis was used to treat malaria, constipation, and other medical conditions. The hallucinogenic qualities of marijuana were noted during these treatments.

4. CBD is Used Primarily for Medicinal Purposes

Most researchers consider CBD to be the most effective form of marijuana for medicinal purposes. This cannabidiol offers the benefits of cannabis without the high that typically accompanies other forms of marijuana. Many people with glaucoma, PTSD, and similar conditions use cannabis to ease their symptoms.

5. Growing Isn’t Always Eco-Friendly

While many fans of marijuana would like to believe that marijuana is completely environmentally friendly, not all aspects of using cannabis are. Growing marijuana isn’t quite sustainable if the plant is grown indoors. When grown inside, a lot of CO2 is released, in audition to requiring vast amounts of electricity and water.

6. Hemp is Everywhere

You don’t have to get high to benefit from the cannabis plant. Even people that don’t ingest marijuana will find that hemp is used in many everyday items. Hemp is often used to make clothing and bags. In addition to being soft, hemp lasts longer than other materials. Other household items like body lotions and soap use hemp as well.

Though marijuana has been around for generations, there’s a lot more about the plant that the world has yet to discover. Learning more about one of the oldest plants in the world will only lead to more ways the world can benefit from cannabis. Keep these six facts in mind the next time you encounter hemp, CBD, or cannabis.