6 Tips for Buying Your First Set of Hair Extensions

6 Tips for Buying Your First Set of Hair Extensions
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1. Be Familiar with the Different Types of Weaves

Weaves come in all kinds of hairstyles just like human hair. The five most common types are as follows:

• Eurasian – this is a silky yet thick type of weave that is smooth with a glossier finish
• Malaysian –this type is a soft hair with a luxurious shine, but not as glossy
• Indian –This is considered the “natural look” with a lot of density, coarseness, and very little gloss and sleekness and a lot of curls
• Peruvian – this type of weave is a medium coarse quality and softer curls
• Brazilian – this style is characterized by its density and a full-on wavy look

2. Understand the Options for Hair Closures

Hair closures, just like the weave type, vary in price and quality. Also, depending on what your level of activity is when wearing a weave, some closures are better than others for more active lifestyles. The best quality closure is a silk base while a mid-range closure is the Swiss lace that is known for its comfortability as well as affordable price.

3. Make sure your Extensions are the Right Texture

According to Essence magazine, one of the worst choices you can make when buying a weave is not matching it up to the texture of your own hair. This means purchasing a straight, glossy weave but having naturally coarse roots that you are connecting it to on your hair. The rule of thumb is to choose a texture that looks similar to your hair when it is straightened.

4. Discuss the Basic Care for Longevity of Hair Extensions

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, there are very specific ways to maintain the life of hair extensions that need to be considered before you buy them. This includes the following things:

• Maintain a specific hair length in order for the extensions to blend in with your real hair
• Use greater care in blow-drying your hair that the extensions do not become loose or pull out
• Manually add hair oils, conditioners and other products instead of squeezing it into your scalp and carefully work it in
• Use a shower cap or dry shampoo on a daily basis

5. Choose the Correct Color

Taking care to match the color of the extensions to your own hair is crucial. Otherwise, everyone will be able to see where the extensions have been connected. If you are having trouble finding extensions that match the hair color, bring them with you to your salon to match up with a sample swatch before they dye them and put them in.

6. Ask about the Store’s Return Policy

If you encounter any issues with your hair extensions, you want to know what the return policy options are in advance of buying any extensions. The more flexible the return policy is for you, the more leeway you have in experimenting with different styles, washing them to see their durability, and still getting a refund if you don’t like what you purchased within the common 45-day period after purchase.