6 Tips for Designing a Custom Coin

6 Tips for Designing a Custom Coin
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Custom coins have an extensive history associated with special events, renowned people and other noteworthy reminders. You may have even noticed that custom coins are often associated with military and memorable big events. Although you might associate custom coins with the military, they are often created by different companies, units and individuals.

Challenge coins can be defined as a medallion or a small coin. Generally a challenge coin has an emblem or insignia and carried or worn by a member of that organization. You may receive a challenge coin to prove membership when challenged or to enhance your morale.
Throughout history, challenge coins have been offered by unit commanders for recognition of a special achievement by someone in the unit. However, modern challenge coins can feature your popular culture like superheroes or other culture elements. Although custom coins are still characterized by the military, there are also other exchanges such as the NFL, NASCAR, World Series of Poker and even the Utah Symphony and Opera. Indeed, you will find numerous schools and colleges that give recognition for a student’s academic achievements.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, gifting custom coins is the latest trend amongst many companies. Corporate offices are giving custom coins as a “thank you and we care for you” to employees, clientele and vendors. In fact, the trend seems to be growing at a 150 per cent every year. Likewise, custom coins have been transforming the gifting market in many aspects:

• Online gaming rewards with custom coins as prizes
• Personalized silver and gold custom coins that are symbolic for special occasions.
• Recognition of merit for employees and venders for accomplished goals, aspirations and dreams.
• Custom festival gifts with company’s logo on one side and a symbol of the festival embossed on the other side

According to Wikipedia, a challenge coin comes in a variety of finishes from economy priced to very expensive such as pewter or 24K gold. You can select from different finishes or patina such as copper, gold, silver, brass, nickel or bronze. You can also choose an antiqued finish if desired. Different printed insets with an epoxy coating for and scratch resistance and color are available. You can also select between hard and soft enamel.

There are six basic tips that can guide you when creating the ideal design to fit your needs.

The Right Image

Your image should be focused on your message. In truth, your image is one of the most important features of a custom coin. Initially, define what you are trying to transmit or communicate. Next, create a short list of the main imagery that encompasses your message. For example, if you are designing a custom coin for a baseball team named the Tigers, then you should include a tiger in your design.

Go Easy on Your Text

The best message is simple and short. Always keep your design clean and to the point. If you absolutely need text, then place the text on the border, consider a larger coin and use obvious abbreviations if possible.

Refer to Logo Design Tips

If you are struggling with ideas for a custom coin design, you can always research the Internet. In fact, the Internet has immeasurable logo design tips that can inspire you.

Avoid Premade Drawings and Clip Art

You should always create your own design and not use premade drawings or clip art. Instead, focus on a design that reflects your team’s values, mission and goals.

Be Unique

Today, it can be a challenge to come up with a unique design. However, some of the best ways you come up with an original design include certain features like versatility, balance, the right proportion and a modern attitude to timeless imagery.

Don’t Forget about the Back

It is easy to become too on the design for the front of the coin. Unfortunately, you can and forget about the back of the coin. In truth, your coin will look unfinished if the back of your custom coin is left blank. An idea for the backside is to include a phrase or solitary word that represents your team or logo. While the front is decorative and ornate, the back should be simple and less intricate.

Although there are a wide variety of manufacturing processes, the two basic methods are die struck bronze and zinc-alloy castings. Die struck bronze or brass custom coins are a superior product and the most expensive. They are more resistant to scratches and have a longer shelf life. Zinc-alloy castings are more cost effective and deliver more flexibility such as bottle opener coins and spinner coins.