6 Ways To Make Your Haircolor Last Longer

6 Ways To Make Your Haircolor Last Longer
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Those who enjoy having fun with their hair color are open to experimenting with bold shades and colors throughout the year. Although dying and bleaching the hair can transform your appearance, the color is also prone to fading over time due to environmental elements and damage. To extend the life of your hair color and enjoy your new hairstyle, there are a few tips to follow to preserve the unique shade.

1. Stick to Cold Showers

It may be comfortable to enjoy a hot shower when it’s time to bathe, but the high temperature of the water can open up the cuticles of the hair strands and release the color that is locked in after a few washes, according to womenshealthmag.com. Shampoo and rinse with cold or room temperature water to extend the color and prevent it from changing.

2. Use an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Rinse your mane with apple cider vinegar to shut the cuticles and create more shine once a week. The acidic rinse will add extra protection and preserve your hair style for several more months.

3. Avoid Chlorine

Swimming in chlorinated pools will immediately begin to alter your hair color due to the harsh chemical that strips the color from the strands. If you can’t avoid the water, consider using a cap on your hair to protect it from coming in contact with the chlorine.

4. Avoid Deep Conditioning the Hair

Many people make the mistake of deep conditioning their hair too frequently to prevent split ends and damage after coloring their locks. Unfortunately, this can cause the color to fade and appear dull over time. Instead, opt for using a daily conditioner to restore hydration to the hair and maintain its health.

5. Apply Coconut Oil

According to vogue.com, frequent sun exposure is one of the main causes of fading hair color, making it important to apply the natural product to your strands to protect it from UV rays. Coconut oil has an SPF of six and will also hydrate the hair to prevent split ends from developing due to frequent contact with heat.

6. Use a Topcoat

You can boost your hair color and maintain its shine by applying a topcoat with a glossing treatment that is available at most hair salons. This will lock in your hair color and will preserve the shade while preventing brassiness that can develop with bleaching. The topcoat is also known to seal the cuticle, which will allow the hair to appear more fresh and will even allow it to reflect more light during the day for a healthier mane.