6 Ways Trophies Increase Workplace Morale

6 Ways Trophies Increase Workplace Morale
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Employees wish to see some recognition for their accomplishments. Rewarding employees not only benefit them, but the company as well. Gratitude can change people’s attitudes towards their jobs. And monetary rewards may not be necessary. Giving someone a nice trophy could be more than enough to impact morale in the office. Here are six reasons why:

Employees Realize Management Notices

Among the worst feeling employees experience is the idea their hard work is ignored. Management should take some time out and let the best-performing employees realize management both knows about and appreciates all the work the top employees do. The excellent work should then continue. A positive attitude could develop that guides behavior in the office. Employees present better attitudes when their morale improves. Little gestures such as management patting employees on the backs with trophies do help morale.

A Positive Competitive Edge Develops

The other employees may want to receive some recognition as well. Mature workers won’t be jealous of their colleague’s trophy. Instead, they will feel inspired and try to work just as hard to receive a little recognition, too. The positive environment of competition makes for a better, more productive workplace.

Success Makes a Company Worth Something

When employees feel appreciated and work harder, the company’s success could grow. Once a company becomes more successful in the market, workers realize they signed onto something with potential. A growing, successful company becomes an exciting place to work. Think about all those Silicon Valley companies that delivered hit apps to the market. The companies come off as hip and enjoyable places of employment.

Morale often feeds morale. Small gestures, such as giving trophies, can improve attitude and performance. The company does well. And employee morale improves further.

Trophies Improve Confidence

Interestingly, the top performers might not realize they are so good at what they do. These workers do their job, do it well, but don’t expect any recognition for their self-described “standard” performance. Once these employees receive recognition, they may feel a boost of self-confidence that drives them to even better performance. A newfound sense of self-confidence could motivate an employee to work harder and feel better at the job.

Employees Become Creative

Creativity takes many forms. An employee may, for example, come up with new ideas to streamline production. Another might think about ways to have more fun at work. Either way, the desire to receive a recognition trophy may inspire creative thinking and attitudes.

Turnout May Drop

Many factors contribute to employee turnover. High morale won’t easily overcome low pay. That said, when presenting rewards improves morale, turnover may decline. Less turnover frequently makes for a more harmonious workplace.

Look into purchasing custom trophies. Many reasons exist why doing so is good for moral.