7 Great Uses for a Storage Unit

7 Great Uses for a Storage Unit
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Sometimes the space you have it not adequate for your needs. That is when a self-storage unit becomes a great idea for expanding your space without moving to a new house or apartment. Your storage unit can be used for so many things. Let’s look at 7 of them.

#1 Store your business inventory 

Trying to run a small business out of your home is a challenge. Trying to do it without enough space makes it almost impossible. A storage unit offers the perfect space for storing your inventory. You can also use it as extra office space if needed.

#2 Store extra items while selling your home 

When selling your home, real estate agents always recommend making your home feel spacious and airy. Removing extra furniture and packing away unneeded items will help this happen. Storing them in a storage unit just makes sense. Plus, part of your packing job is already done.

#3 Storing and selling personal items 

If you like to buy and sell things online, a storage unit offers a safe place to store the items you currently have to offer. It also affords you a safe spot to meet customers and to finalize sales. That way they don’t see or visit your home.

#4 Store your wine collection 

Many self-storage places offer climate-controlled units. If you are a wine collector, a climate-controlled unit is a perfect place for setting up your wine cellar. You can keep the wine at a controlled temperature and in the dark for optimal aging. You can access it 24/7 whenever you want to add or take a bottle of wine.

#5 Store your personal items while away for an extended time 

Taking a temporary assignment overseas? Not attending college over the summer? Being deployed to another country? These are all reasons why you may need storage for personal items for an extended period. A self-storage unit gives you that ability to go where you need to go without worry.

#6 Creating a place to pursue a hobby 

Do you need extra space so you can pursue your favorite pastime? A storage unit can be the perfect solution. You can set up a workbench to take up woodworking. You can store books and put in a comfy chair. You can set up a pool table and invite over a few friends.

#7 Storing seasonal items 

Do you have storage for your summer sports equipment? Do you have a place for your Christmas decorations? Are you tripping over your off-season clothes? A self-storage unit offers a great place to store anything you use seasonally.

If you are running out of space in your home or business, a storage unit offers the perfect place to put the items that no longer fit.