7 Summer Essentials Every Closet Should Have

7 Summer Essentials Every Closet Should Have
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While buying new clothes is a common occurrence for most, it is safe to say that the same shoppers often find themselves wearing the same things over and over. While this seems fairly counterintuitive, it can just be summed up by the fact that people love their wardrobe essentials. Whether it be a go-to winter jacket or a scarf that radiates fall, you know where these items are and you just gravitate towards them. Summer time is no different and your closet is full of things that you just need, including:

The Classic White T-Shirt

The white t-shirt has been popular since the 1890’s, so there’s no surprise that summer is incomplete without one. Not only do these shirts reign supreme because of the short sleeves designed to keep the wearer cool, but they match with everything. From neon shorts to classic blue jeans, you should not only equip your closet with one white tee, but many.

Sneakers You Can Just Slip On

Decorative sandals and flip flops are perfect for the season, but they are not always practical. Slip-on sneakers are shoes you can literally just slide into without having to worry about laces to tie and re-tie throughout the day.

A Large Tote

Chances are, you carry more than you realize in the summer. From bug spray to sunscreen and sunglasses, your load certainly increases when there is fun to be had. A fashionable large tote (which actually means to carry) is perfect to transfer your summer staples from the car to the beach, especially for those who have a family to pack for.

White Sneakers

When the occasion does not call for flip flops, sneakers can take over. White sneakers can complete almost any summer look and do not attract the sun as much as a black alternative would. White evokes feelings of a clean slate and new beginnings, so white kicks are sure to leave anybody feeling refreshed.

Denim Shorts or Skirts

Denim can be both casual and chic depending on what you pair it with. This material is sturdy, which means that any attire made from it can stay in your summer closet for years to come.

A Straw Hat

The best things to have in your closet are those that are both fashionable and sun safe. A straw hat can elevate any outfit to be more chic and sassy, but it also does its important job of protecting somebody from harmful UV rays given off by the sun. So while you want to look nice this summer, remember that fashion and safety can be on mutual terms.

A Breton Striped Shirt

Breton stripes correlate to a nautical theme. Classically blue and white, these stripes can also be accented with red, green, and even yellow. Because this shirt can be dressy without being overwhelming, it sustains popularity for summer functions and outings.