7 Tips For Caring For Your Used Vehicle

7 Tips For Caring For Your Used Vehicle
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Owning a used car comes with perks. A used model comes with a lower price than a brand-new model. Owning a used car, however, does come with a few added responsibilities. Here are seven things to keep in mind when caring for a used car.

#1 – Change the Fluids Regularly 

Don’t let your oil become excessively dirty and gum up the engine. Keep a watchful eye on the mileage markers for changing transmission, power steering, brake, coolant, and differential fluids. Changing fluids at the appropriate time could extend the life of the car.

#2 – Don’t Ignore Routine Maintenance 

A mistake many owners make is they stop performing routine maintenance once a car’s mileage heads far north. Adhering to routine maintenance steps — like changing fluids — could extend the life of the vehicle.

#3 – Invest in Extended Inspections 

A garage might offer a deal on a full safety and performance inspection on the vehicle. Investing in one of these every year — and an additional one before any long trips — could uncover excessive wear and tear or mechanical issues lurking beneath the surface.

#4 – Acquire an Extended Warranty 

Look into third-party options for extended any warranties on a used car before purchasing it. With the extended warranty in place, a problem with the vehicle could end up being covered. Accessing a warranty may lead to getting repair work performed promptly. Unfortunately, not every car is eligible for an extended warranty though.

#5 – Think Twice Before Dropping Collision or Comprehensive Insurance 

A car loses value as it ages and garners miles, but the remaining amount may still be worth protecting. Comprehensive and collision insurance financially cover the car against certain losses. If maintaining these coverage options costs little, why drop them?

#6 – Protect the Exterior While Parked 

A used car can still look as good as new if the paint doesn’t fade or suffer other degradations. Don’t park the car under trees or in direct sunlight. Consider putting a cover over it as well. Regularly wash the car and keep the exterior looking nice.

#7 – Don’t Be an Abusive Driver

Hard braking, fast turns, and other bad driving habits do more than compromise safety. The actions can harm the car. Drive carefully and try to maintain the car’s hopefully good condition.

A used car can last a long time, but how long may be up to the owner. Care for a pre-owned model just as you would a new one. Better care could also contribute to better safety as well.