7 Tips for Decluttering the Garage

7 Tips for Decluttering the Garage
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The space in your garage can be used in a variety of ways. Because the garage is so useful, it’s a room that can become cluttered over time. Decluttering the garage can become a overwhelming task, but lots of clutter doesn’t have to give you a headache. Consider theses seven tips for decluttering the garage so that getting organized is a breeze.

1. Part ways with things that are not useful to you. According to the Press Herald, “Deciding what is no longer needed, used or valued is the hardest step in decluttering the garage.” Decide what is useful now, will be useful in the future, and what you will never use again. Dispose of the things that you will never use again.

2. Move seasonal items like christmas decorations and beach toys to the attic. Designate the attic as a place for things you only use yearly. Make it a habit of putting new season items you get in the attic when they are not in use.

3. Repurpose useful items that don’t have to be in the garage. For instance, glass jars can be repurposed in the bathroom as a container to store cotton balls or in the kitchen to store flour or spices.

4. Consider buying storage cubbies, bins and drawers for the things that do belong in the garage. Decluttering does not have to mean taking everything out of the garage or throwing it away. Many people have trouble with organizing lots of items they do have a use for, and storage solutions can quickly remedy that problem.

5. Make empty vertical wall space functional. Add shelving for more storage space and racks for large items like bikes and kayaks.

6. Assess what belongs in the garage and what does not, and move the things out that don’t belong. According to the National Post, “if you’re putting things in places that don’t actually work for the way you live, it’s going to be a struggle to stay organized.” An example would be things like books that belong in a home office or toys that belong in a playroom.

7. Invest in an outside solution like a garden or tool shed. Items like lawn mowers, weed eaters, circular saws and gardening tools are useful items that should have their own dedicated storage space.

A cluttered garage does not have to be a headache. It is mostly a matter of deciding what needs to go and what storage solutions you can use to organize everything that stays. Incorporate these tips into your declutter routine. We think they will help you organize your garage, and keep it clutter free.