7 Tips for Setting Up a Moving Schedule

7 Tips for Setting Up a Moving Schedule
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Moving into a new home can be a very exciting time. However, it can also be a very stressful time due to the process of packing up and moving. Fortunately, there are seven tips that you can follow which will help you to set up a moving schedule, stay organized, and get the move done quickly.

Check and Confirm Key Dates
When you are looking to set up a moving schedule, the first thing that you need to do is confirm key dates for your move. Some of the key dates to consider are the dates that you must vacate your existing home, the date and time you can move into your new home, or the date that you can start using a storage unit. In some cases, these times can be very close together, which makes setting up a schedule even more important.

Book Service Well in Advance
When you are looking to move, it is also important that you set up your moving service well in advance. Moving services, particularly during the busy months of the year, will be fully booked well in advance of a moving date. Because of this, you should try to have a truck and service reserved as soon as possible. Booking early can also help you to save money.

Stay Organized
Moving is a challenging process, and staying organized is very important . You should create processes to keep areas of your home organized in certain boxes. This way, you will known where to put boxes in the new home when they are being unloaded.

Start Packing Early
The moving process can be very hectic and to stay on a schedule will require early preparation. It would be a good idea to start packing at least a couple weeks prior to the move date. This will help reduce the need for last minute stressors before the move date.

Move Some on Your Own
While you may use a service for moving, you should still try and move some items on your own. Personal items, smaller valuables, and lighter items would be good items to move on your own. This can help to save money and reduce the risk of losing a valuable item.

Be Strategic with Space
Once your moving truck has arrived, you should be strategic with how space is used. Ideally, you should put larger items in first and then pack around them. It would be wise to start with couches, dressers, and beds first. This will then give you a good visual of where everything else will fit.

Plan for Contingency
Most importantly, you need to plan for contingencies in your moving schedule and budget. Moving is a complex process, which can take a lot of time. Because of this, estimating the time and cost can be hard to do accurately. To ensure you stay within your time and financial budget, you should make sure to build in a contingency.