8 Unique Franchise Opportunities You Didn’t Know About

8 Unique Franchise Opportunities You Didn’t Know About
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Franchising is a business concept that allows for anyone to purchase business rights to operate under a particular brand or business name. Many chain stores and restaurants are actually franchises. Many of these are fairly well known and are easily identified as franchises by many. However, there are quite a few businesses that come as a surprise to many as being franchise institutions.

Thanks in great part to Forbes , we take a quick look at eight unique franchise opportunities you may not have known about.

Weed Man

Weed Man is a small but promising lawn and landscaping business. Started in Canada not too long ago, it now has a total of 177 units in the US and UK. The five year growth rate of Weed Man is around 9%.

Mathnasium Learning Center

This franchise serves as a specialty tutoring and educational service for all grade levels, preschool through high school. Growth in this franchise has been quite strong as of late with an approximated, five year growth rate of 23%. It requires $114,180 to buy a franchise spot here.

Jet’s Pizza

Jet’s Pizza is another, relative unknown, especially in the expansive world of pizza. Square, deep-dish pizza is this business’ specialty. The five year growth rate here is solid at 14%.

Penn Station East Coast Subs

Penn Station is a sub-sandwich maker and restaurant. It is somewhat unknown with only 297 locations at this point. $413,407 is what it takes to get started.

The Learning Experience

The Learning Experience is a before and after school child care and learning program. There are only 168 locations at this point, but with a 17% growth rate, the potential franchise owner could be angled toward a great investment here.


Retrofitness is a fitness center and gym that plays older movies and provides a very unique and retro theme for its patrons. Right now, it has 144 locations and offers a very promising 18% growth rate.

Massage Envy Spa

Although this franchise has really blossomed lately, seeing a total of 1,127 locations open to date, it is still considered an up-and-comer by many standards. The cost to buy into one of these is right around $687,275. Buy in and enjoy a rosy 12% growth rate every five years.

Freedom Boat Club

The Freedom Boat Club is a unique service that serves as a sort of timeshare or rental business for boats. The club is said to be experiencing solid growth and can be bought into for as low as $144,200.

You may have heard of some of these businesses while others not so much. They all represent some of the lesser-known options in franchising out there. Do your homework, pick a business, and get started enjoying the lucrative benefits of franchising now.