4 Reasons to Consider Infusion Therapy

Many people get various infections that turn to complex diseases, which cause the inability to eat or take medications orally. Moreover, patients may not be to take some medicines orally due to the effect of stomach acids, which makes it ineffective. Here are the reasons for infusion therapy.

Immune Boost
Low immune is one of the main reasons why people consider infusion therapy. It boosts the immune system. You will get essential nutrients through the injection, such as vitamin C. The vitamins activate the antibodies and make them stronger to fight off infections.

If you have a particular illness, vitamin C will help your body cut off viral and bacterial load and make you recover. Another injection that you’ll get from IV that helps fight infections and replenish missing nutrients is Myers Cocktail. It contains vitamin C, magnesium, and b-complex.

When you feel tired, it’s easy to get moody, making your body use lots of energy to function. That’s an indicator that your body needs a boost. Through IV therapy, you’ll get Methyl B-12, which adds vitamin B to the body. The vitamin is already methylated, which quickly absorbs in the body.

Another essential nutrient that you get through the injection is iron. It boosts the mood and makes your body relaxed and free from fatigue and apathy. When the body lacks nutrients, it leads to iron deficiency, and can also cause you to sink into depression. Most women quickly get fatigued and mood swings than men.

Most cancer patients seek IV Therapy when getting over chemotherapy. Studies reveal that most cancer patients recover when injected with vitamin C nutrients. The vitamins aid in collagen production and protection, which kills cancer cells. When injected, the vitamins help boost the immune system, which improves the quality of life.

Cancer patients also get a high dose of glutathione injection through IV Therapy. Glutathione has powerful detoxification capabilities that protect the kidney and liver from damage. The infusion can be used with chemo and radiation, depending on the state of the patient.

Pregnancy is a long journey that causes women to get fatigued often. Most women face anxiety, which raises stress levels. Though some can get anxious about the baby’s arrival, it can increase stress levels, depleting essential nutrients from the body.

The injection used through IV therapy is Myers Cocktails and is suitable during pre or post-delivery. The cocktail helps to reduce stress and boost the immune system. Methyl B-12 is recommendable a week after delivery to restore energy levels, and the injection can be taken every two weeks for six weeks.

Infusion Therapy may sound scary, but patients need to understand that it is crucial to receive treatment when facing the challenges above. There are many more infusion therapies for various ailments that can help improve the health condition.