Best Ways to Use Promotional Products

Best Ways to Use Promotional Products
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The use of promotional products has been around for quite some time. They are a great way for businesses to advertise their brand while keeping their advertising budget low. Read on for the best ways to use promotional products in a business.

1. As Employee Incentives

Everyone enjoys getting free products. A personalized promotional product is a good way to include employees in an organization. The employee will feel as though they are part of a team and appreciated, and they may also bring in more business by using the product in front of others. An appreciated employee will be more likely to boast about the company they work for, as well. Employee engagement and wellness is a big deal, and promotional products can make sure that connection is there.

2. Give Them Away at Events

Promotional products work because businesses tend to buy products that are useful to people. That old business card may look pretty out of the box, but most customers just shove it in their wallet or throw it out. A promotional product that can be used, such as a mouse pad, cup, or even a simple pen, will keep a company name visible more than other advertising offers.

3. Use Them in Direct Mail

While direct mail is not as big of an advertising ploy as it once was, it can still be highly effective if done the right way. One way to spruce up a mailing is to include a promotional product inside, such as a soft, microfiber cloth or flat keychain. As long as the product is lightweight, the cost should not be too high. Recipients will love getting something for free that they can use right away, which will make them remember the company it came from.

4. Send Them as a Thank You

Every business should do what they can to follow up with major customers, especially companies who may just be starting out. A promotional product can easily be used as a thank you gift to a customer that has spent a lot of time and money at a place. A customer who feels appreciated and remembered will likely want to come back to the business again and again. If they use the item in public, others will see the brand and logo and possibly become customers themselves.

5. Include One With a Purchase

Promotional products are typically very inexpensive when bought in bulk. Customers who make a purchase from a company will be pleasantly surprised to find a free gift in their bag, whether it was through an online order or from a brick-and-mortar store.

Promotional products have been known to work well in businesses. They can be inexpensive to purchase, allowing businesses to keep a tight budget. Using them to boost brand awareness will surely bring customers in over and over.