How CBD Has Changed the Chiropractic Industry

How CBD Has Changed the Chiropractic Industry
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With a renewed interest in drug-free Chiropractic care, chiropractors are supplementing patients’ pain relief and recovery with various forms of CBD. They are now using CBD products to effectively manage resistant pain, arthritis, and joint discomfort. Patients are experiencing comfort and relief worldwide. With this, there is an increasing demand for CBD oil products.

The popularity of CBD oil has reached an all-time high. The 22nd Chiropractic Economics Salary and Expense Survey contained reports of CBD for the first time. There is an active shift in this field from the use of highly addictive prescription drugs. The goal is a new and effective CBD regimen that benefits the health and wellness of Chiropractic patients. In addition to helping each other gain a deeper understanding of CBD benefits within their industry, chiropractors have also become pioneers of finding new products to benefit their patients. This may be something that you can greatly benefit from. 26% of Chiropractic offices and clinics are now selling CBD products.

Even though it has not received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, consumers flock to CBD for it’s reported benefits. Benefits include relief from depression and anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain and more. It seems as if CBD oil is the new miracle cure. Products for direct applications are available in many forms such as patches, sprays, and creams. The popularity of CBD oil usage in chiropractic offices mirrors that of the public. However, you should note that not all of these products are equal.

Although you likely have some knowledge of cannabis, you may not be aware that the plant is made up of over a hundred cannabinoids. As they are ingested, these chemical compounds will interact with your endocannabinoid system. The most well-known occurring cannabinoids are CBD and THC. Even though both of them come from the same plant, each affects humans differently. For decades THC has been used in various forms for medicinal and recreational purposes. THC will bind to your CB1 receptors and has mind-altering effects. CBD has only recently gained popularity. Its popularity is due to its positive benefits to your health. CBD has high medicinal value. A huge benefit is that it does not bind to CB1 receptors. This makes it non-psychoactive. CBD can have a wide range of positive effects on your mind and body without making you high.

CBD products that are derived from the non-psychoactive parts of cannabis are said to be legal. This is only true if the industrial hemp has been grown and cultivated as per the requirements under the Farm Bill. Chiropractors are to evaluate the safety of the CBD products that they choose. CBD oil could provide the relief you need.