How to Block Out Sound From Your Noisy Neighbors

How to Block Out Sound From Your Noisy Neighbors
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Do you have noisy neighbors or maybe just thin walls? Dealing with a lot of noise from your neighbors can be a pain, and knowing how to solve the problem can be just as difficult. Below are some ideas on how to dampen the noise and make your home life a little more quiet and relaxing.


  1. Acoustic panels can provide a sound barrier and muffle the sound so that it is quieter in your home. Put the panels on the wall or ceiling to take the noise down to a more tolerant level. There are videos you can find online that will show you how to build your own if you are into saving money and do it yourself.
  2. Noise comes in from any gaps you have around windows, doors and ceilings. Make sure to caulk any gaps you have around these objects. This will help to minimize the amount of noise seeping through the cracks.
  3. Having bookcases up against a wall filled with books will muffle any noise coming through the wall. You can even add some insulation in the back or some Styrofoam panels before you put in the books and will be barely noticeable. This is an inexpensive wall to block wall noise.
  4. If you own your own home you can add more insulation to the walls, ceiling or floors. Insulation is a great barrier for sound and will quiet your home down.
  5. Adding thick rugs or carpet on your floor will cut the noise down. Use thick rugs or layer them to make them work to your best advantage. Some good heavy rugs will tamp down the noise and you can take them with you if you move.
  6. A white noise machine give you relaxing noise which will help drown out the noise from your neighbors. Even having a fan going can be white noise.
  7. If all else fails, talk to your neighbors and see if there is a way they can lighten the amount of noise they make. Be friendly and do it in a way that will not cause any hurt feelings. Being nice about it will save you heartache down the road.
  8. If nothing else works you could purchase a good set of earplugs or a noise canceling headset. This may sound extreme but if nothing else works, this is another way to go.

Everyone has to deal with at least some outside noise as most homes are not soundproof. If you have more noise than normal try some of these tips to bring the noise down to the level you can live with.