How to Choose the Perfect Dinnerware Set for Your Home

How to Choose the Perfect Dinnerware Set for Your Home
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When stocking your home, dinnerware is the one of the most important dining decisions you make. The plates, cups, and bowls you use in a serving set a tone for the meal. Meals can either be casual and fun or fancy. Your dinnerware decision will define something you will likely use every day for several years. Therefore, you will want to pick out the perfect set for your home. Here are helpful tips on how to choose that perfect dinnerware set.

Level of formality or purpose
The perfect dinnerware is dependent on how it is used. It should match the environment you want to create. Casual and formal dinner wear serve different purposes. A casual set is sturdy and suitable for everyday use. The formal set is usually more delicate and perfect for holiday servings and entertaining.

Factor in other uses such as outdoor servings or handling by children. Dinnerware made of an unbreakable and durable material such as laminate, or metal is perfect for a patio or use in a picnic meal. If dinnerware is handled by children, a lightweight, and a durable set will do just perfect.

Material consideration
Dinnerware is made from a variety of materials. Such materials include glass or melamine, porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, ironstone and bone china.  With so many materials, here is how you can make your pick.

Stoneware and earthware materials make a sturdy, dishwasher safe and microwavable dinnerware. These materials make a casual set that is inexpensive and easier to replace.

Bone china and porcelain often make a formal dinnerware. A set of either material is very durable and therefore quite expensive. Dinnerware made from either material are neither ideal for dishwasher or microwave use. They are also harder to replace compared to other materials.

Color scheme
The color of your dinnerware matters in choosing the perfect set for your home. The color of your plates does affect how much you, your family of your guest eat. A color that also matches your décor or compliments it or showcases food well makes for a perfect set.
Neutral colored dinnerware complements a brightly colored dining room. Incorporating a bright color into your dinnerware brings out other aesthetics aspects.

Shape, pattern, and texture
Different shapes, patterns, and texture in your dinnerware offer different feels. Rustic patterns, for example, have a country cottage feel. Square, ovals, and eccentric plate shapes offer a more contemporary look. Buying complimentary bowls or plates in a different texture or shape is a perfect way of spicing up a plain dishware collection.

Number of people
The number of people your dinnerware is intended to serve is a good consideration for choosing a perfect set. Dinnerware is often sold in sets. The number of people in a serving determines how many pieces you want to be included in a place setting.

A perfect dinnerware should reflect your style sensibility. Landing the perfect set of plates or bowls anchors your style on the table.