How to Choose The Perfect Tile for Your Bathroom

How to Choose The Perfect Tile for Your Bathroom
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When it comes to building your new home or remodeling your bathroom, nothing matters for most homeowners than the tiles. The tile you choose for your bathroom floor, shower or for decorative purposes behind the sink makes a big impression. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the kind of bathroom tile you choose because you want to make a good bathroom impression. As a result, homeowners require specific guidelines to enable them to make the right bathroom tile choice.

Pick the must-have tile 
Typically, every homeowner has the one tile that they have always imagined or dreamt about during bathroom remodeling or building a home for the first time. The tile can be a unique design accent tile while for others; it is just an ordinary design. However, don’t forego your dream tile design. Instead, take your dream design and begin your bathroom tile search from there to ensure that you don’t deviate from your dream tile.

Determine your budget 
Bathroom tiles come in an array of styles, prices, and shapes. It is paramount for a homeowner to establish a budget to act as a foundation when choosing a bathroom tile. However, that doesn’t mean that you select the tiles solely based on the price. When establishing your budget, you must ensure that you are aware of the market price of bathroom tiles so that you work with realistic figures on your budget. A budget is essential when shopping for bathroom tiles to avoid overspending or breaking your bank because you have other things to purchase for your bathroom remodeling.

Choose the color scheme 
Most homeowners will agree that one of the significant challenges when selecting bathroom tiles is choosing the color scheme. To make your work more manageable than before, you can begin by choosing the vanity and cabinet colors first before you choose your bathroom tile color. It is advisable to stick to lighter tiles for your bathroom while incorporating pops of color with knobs and towels.

Tile size 
The world of bathroom tiles keeps changing; more so, their sizes. Previously, smaller bathroom tiles were the way to go for most homeowners. However, things are changing, and homeowners are now embracing larger bathroom tiles because they make the bathroom space to appear more prominent than its actual size. Also, the bathroom tile size you choose will depend on the kind of style you want to adapt. For instance, a traditional theme requires a different size of bathroom tile from a classic or modern look.

Consider maintenance 
Bathroom tiles have varying maintenance levels. Therefore, you need to choose a bathroom tile that requires less maintenance than others if you don’t have enough time to clean the tiles regularly. For instance, tiles manufactured from natural stone have higher maintenance levels than those made from ceramic.