How to Declutter Your Home

How to Declutter Your Home
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Decluttering your home is quite a large undertaking. The most efficient way to do it is to pick one space, room or just a section (such as the kitchen cupboards) at a time.

You won’t need extravagant accessories or a bunch of guides to tidy up your living area, but will want to have five containers labeled as:

1. Put-Away: This is for objects which have sneaked away from their regular storage places. This could be anything from a mug in the bathroom to a hat in the living room.
2. Recycle: Things that are recyclable such as plastic, paper or glass.
3. Mend/Repair: For objects which will have to be fixed such as a pair of boots you fancy and need to be washed.
4. Garbage: For things that just need to be thrown away.
5. Donate: This is for items you want to give to a charity or someone else who might like it.

Using baskets, bins or a simple cardboard box will work well for this part. You’ll be able to carry these containers into any room while you’re in the process or just put them in a convenient spot as you declutter. The biggest part of it is to spend as little time looking for a container during the job. Put these bins into place before you start.


Begin with the medicine cabinet. Remove every item and throw away old prescriptions, skincare products and makeup. Set all the items you’re saving back in the cabinet, with the things you handle the most at eyesight level.

Carry out the same strategy with the tops of your drawers and dressers. Take into account if there are any clothes scattered around. Things that need to be folded or hung up can be put in the Put-Away container. Just in case you don’t want it to have any more wrinkles, you can also lay it across the bed.

Then, work on your drawers. Take out everything and make a quick judgment of the things you’ll keep and what you’ll throw away. Place the things you’re keeping their drawers again and be sure to relocate the things you use the most onto the highest drawers. Now, carry out a similar process with the shower/bathtub. Eventually, you can take our everything underneath the bathroom sink and organize those objects.


Make your bed as a start and then move to your bedstands and take out everything in them that isn’t supposed to be there and set it in the Put-Away box. Common items are usually things like books you’re done with, pencils, paper and letters. Toss or recycle everything you aren’t going to use or haven’t used in a while. For example, you might throw out empty tissue boxes, dry pens or broken chargers.

If you have a table or similar furniture in your room, handle those next. Try not to push items into the drawers like before, rather, place those in your Put Away box. Throw away and recycle anything that’s trash or stuff you haven’t handled for six months or longer.


The kitchen has a large variety of stuff inside. You might decide to declutter the kitchen by first concentrating on just one category of an item at a time (utensils, glassware, bakeware) and dividing it up by zones.

Then, clear each area completely, evaluate the items individually and set it all back inside. The first step to begin is with your main storage places such as your upper cabinets or pantry. After that, you can progress to the drawers, lower cabinets and to the area below your sink.

Last, focus on the tops of your counters. Concentrate on removing as many things as you can off the countertops and into proper locations. Save just the stuff you utilize every day. When you’re done with that, return anything that doesn’t go in the kitchen to its proper storage area from the Put-Away box.