How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home this Summer

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home this Summer
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Summer is sweet and pests think so, too. Your home is an inviting shelter and setting up camp there just makes sense for strategical goals come winter.
Instead of allowing the battle to come to you and rolling out the big guns with a blast of raid and a bite of bait, why not plan a defense strategy to keep them out?

Swab the decks
Cleanliness is the first step towards winning the battle against bugs and rodents. Pests aren’t attracted to scorched earth policies, meaning, lack of food through cleanliness and vigilance. Lack of subsistence cuts way down on home invasions.

Ground control
Trim back those shrubs that make convenient bridges to your command post. Get rid of mulch near buildings that enables pests to dig in for the long haul. Instead, place rock or stone mulch that makes holing up a lot harder.
Clean up leaves, weeds and standing water, so as not to provide subsistence for pests on reconnaissance.

Gaps in your armor
Find and seal gaps like foundation cracks, missing shingles, broken siding and holes around incoming utility lines. Take a look from the inside, also, at dryer vents, plumbing and stove hookups. Seal up with copper mesh, steel wool, mortar or sheet metal. Pest weaponry makes chewing through caulking a a breeze.

Trash can tactics
Rinse all recyclables and make sure the trash can has a tightly-fitted lid. Scrub it frequently.

Drain operations
Although drains may not offer much for full offensives, they can become machine-gun nests for biting flies and swarming mosquitoes. All drains should be inspected and cleaned of old grease, soap and food scraps.

MRE rations
Pantry pests use your facilities as a mess hall. Do KP duty by sealing opened boxes and bags in closed containers. Use up food and throw out stale or uneaten foods. Brush out crumbs.

Lighted area
Replace standard lighting with halogen lights. Lights colored pink, orange or yellow are less attractive to enemy fire from swarming bug platoons. Place the lights on poles and away from house siding near doors. The light on the pole can be directed to shine on the door for safety.

Prevention is a key strategy in the battle of the bug and rodent. Tactical operations for cleanup and interception are simple and effective.