How-to Make Sure a Warehouse is Earthquake Safe

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One of the most significant and damaging types of natural disasters are earthquakes. If you are the owner of a building, such as a warehouse, being hit by an earthquake can be devastating. While an earthquake can be a very significant and scary situations to deal with, there are several things that a warehouse can do to make sure they are properly prepare for an earthquake.

Consider Foundation and Structure 
During an earthquake, one of the most significant factors that will influence whether or not your building is affected is the type of structure and foundation that you have. Over the past few decades, the technology used to develop buildings in earthquake zones has been enhanced significantly. You should have your building fully inspected by an engineer to figure out whether your property was built to withstand earthquakes. If it has not been, the engineer could make recommendations to retrofit the structure.

Secure Fixtures and Inventory 
Even if your building is very secure and safe, things in your property are bound to shake around during an earthquake. To prevent items from falling down from high heights, you need to make sure that everything is as secure as possible. This will normally include making sure that all fixtures are bolted to the wall and that any inventory and equipment is properly secure.

Get Rid of Hazardous Materials 
If you have hazardous materials at you property, they could prove to be very damaging in the event of an earthquake. If these materials are not being used as part of your daily business, you should make sure that they are put in a safe place. This way, if there is an earthquake, these materials will be far away and will not cause any additional damage to the building or harm to your team members inside the warehouse.

Train Employees 
Finally, it is important that you properly train your employees for an earthquake. If you have a building in an earthquake zone, you need to make sure that everyone is ready for when an earthquake strikes. This process will include making sure that your staff knows where to go to be safe, how to provide assist other employees that are injured or in need, and warning signs and red flags to look out for that could indicate a more serious situation.

Nothing is more stressful and scary than having your warehouse be hit by an earthquake. Since there is a lot of damage that can be done if you are affected by an earthquake, it is important to make sure you are properly prepared. Following these steps will help make sure that you and your team are as ready as possible for an earthquake.