How to Properly Use An e-Cigarette Starter Kit

How to Properly Use An e-Cigarette Starter Kit
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E-cigarettes are vaporizers with lithium batteries. E-cigarettes are also known as, e-cigars, e-pipes, and e-pens . E-cigarettes contain a liquid cartridge rather than tobacco. The liquid cartridge liquid is a composition of nicotine, propylene glycol, color, flavors, and other chemicals.

Preparing E-cigarettes

Procuring E-cigarettes kit – E-cigarettes are found in shops and an online stores. According to bankrate.com, when shopping for a good E-cigarette, purchase rechargeable E-cigarettes kits rather than a disposable kit. Its components are a rechargeable battery, nicotine cartridge liquid, and charger. The liquid comes in different flavors and different nicotine concentration. A typical E-cigarettes kit costs between $40 to $100.
Charging an E-cigarettes battery- E-cigarettes kits run on lithium batteries. Therefore, it is important to ensure the batteries are fully charged. Battery life is extended when they are often used. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight and placing them on wet surfaces.

Screw the cartridge on the cigarette – disconnect the battery once it is fully charged. Therefore, take the cartridge and attach it to the E-cigarette by screwing it. Most cartridges come pre-filled with the liquid, but you may consider buying an e-liquid.

How to draw the vapor from the E-cigarettes

Differentiate between smoking a cigarette and E-cigarettes – Regular smokers smoke more than one cigarette in a session. However, the situation may be different with E-cigarettes. E-cigarette smokers are advised to avoid chain smoking. You may take between three to seven draws before taking a break.

Conduct a “primer puff” – this is done to warm up the E-cigarette. This includes a quick inhale into the E-cigarettes coil to warm it up. It is a way of preparing the E-cigarettes for the first draw.
Pull slowly but steadily – when smoking, ensure that you inhale the vapor continuously until it fills the mouth. Do not inhale the vapor into the lungs until you are sure the mouth is full.
Hold the vapor in the mouth for three to five minutes –vapor should be inhaled after holding it in the mouth for about three to five seconds. After that, exhale the vapor either through the mouth or nose.

Effect of nicotine felt after about 30 minutes – with cigarettes, it takes about eight seconds to feel the effect. However, with E-cigarettes, the absorption of the nicotine through the mucus membrane is delayed up to about 30 minutes. It gets better with continued use of E-cigarettes. Nevertheless, the effect of the nicotine in E-cigarettes increases with continued smoking. E-liquid flavor will determine how quickly an individual will feel the impact of the nicotine. For those seeking an instant effect, they may consider tobacco based flavors. High nicotine levels in the e-liquid could prolong the smoking and possible bring about health complications.