How to Take Care of Multiple Different House Plants at Once

How to Take Care of Multiple Different House Plants at Once
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Houseplants bring a vibe of nature to people’s homes, as well as fresh air and beauty. You can grow multiple houseplants together, though there are some guidelines that you need to follow. Here are some things to know when taking care of multiple different houseplants at once.

Find Out Their Individual Needs

Every plant has its own needs when it comes to conditions such as light, soil, nutrients, soil composition, space and humidity. Before you grow any plants together, figure out the needs of each plant that you plan on growing. This will determine where you can put the plants, how close together they can be and what conditions you should expose them to.

Put Them Next To Each Other, Separately

One way of growing numerous houseplants together is to place them next to each other in separate pots. This is a great option when you have plants that cannot be grown next to each other in the same soil.

Place Them Far Away From Each Other, Or In Different Areas

In some situations, each one of your houseplants may require drastically different conditions from the next. For this reason, you may have to place your houseplants in different areas of your home. For example, let’s say that you have two plants. One plant needs constant shade while another needs constant sunlight. As a result of having plants with different lighting needs, you would have to place the plant that needs a lot of sunlight near a window where the sun directly shines brightly. The plant with very minimal light requirements would probably have to be placed in a shaded area of your home or behind a window that gets indirect sunlight.

Plant Them In The Same Container

Some plants can easily be paired in the same container with each other without one poisoning or choking out the other. In many cases, there are companion plants that compliment each other’s growth. Of course, in order to plant different houseplants in the same container you have to make sure that they both have the same requirements in regards to various conditions.

In conclusion, if you want to grow numerous houseplants together you have to find out about the kinds of conditions that each plant needs to thrive and not die. After figuring out the conditions that each plant needs, consider whether you should plant them together in the same container, plant them in separate containers next to each other or place them in separate containers far away.