Makeup and Contacts: All You Need to Know

Makeup and Contacts: All You Need to Know
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Many women opt to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Just as many also enjoy wearing makeup. If you have ever had a question about using both, you are not alone. There are a few great tips that can improve your experience while wearing makeup and contact lenses that can benefit you.

Wash Your Hands

First and foremost, you should always wash your hands prior to handling your contact lenses or makeup. When you touch surfaces, fabrics or even your own body, you can transfer bacteria, oils, dirt and other substances to your eyes and face, in general, which can lead to problems. Wearing contact lenses already carries a risk of problems with your eyes, so you want to be as safe as possible. Always wash your hands with soap and warm water before handling contacts or cosmetics of any kind.

Use Products Free of Oils

In terms of any makeup you will be putting on or around your eyes, you should use only products that are free of oils. Oils in eye makeup can seep into your eyes, which can cause adverse reactions when you wear contact lenses. Remember also that water and oil don’t mix. If the oils get into your eyes, they can result in your contacts becoming clouded, which can blur your vision.

Stick to the Outer Eyelid

If you wear eyeliner, as a contact lens wearer, you should avoid applying the cosmetic to your inner eyelid. Instead, apply your eyeliner — whether you use a pencil, liquid or marker type liner — only to the outer eyelid. When you place it on the inner eyelid, you run the risk of the makeup getting into your eyes, which can cause problems even if you don’t wear contacts.

Be Careful with Mascara

There are certain types of mascaras available that do not clump. If you wear contacts, you should go out of your way to find this type of mascara. Clumps can get into your eyes and get trapped underneath your lenses, which can lead to irritation and potentially even a corneal scratch. You should also avoid any mascaras that promise to lengthen your lashes and stick to the regular ones instead.

Keep Your Lenses Clean

Always keep your contact lenses clean. This is something that should be done regardless of whether you wear makeup. Always clean then with your daily cleaner and use the right solution to eliminate calcium deposits and protein buildup. When you aren’t using your lenses, keep them in a clean case with fresh rewetting solution.

Avoid Applying Makeup on the Go

Many women apply makeup on the train or bus during their morning commute. You should never do this when you wear contacts. Your hands may not be as clean as they should be, and you may accidentally poke yourself in the eye during sudden stops.

These are the ultimate makeup and contact lens tips. Follow them to keep your eyes healthy and safe.