Simple Preventative Maintenance for Your Laundry Equipment

Simple Preventative Maintenance for Your Laundry Equipment
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Whether it’s equipment in a laundromat that you own or the laundry equipment in your home, there are some preventative maintenance tips to keep in mind so that the appliances last as long as possible. It’s important to maintain the equipment so that it operates properly for customers or the family. If each component works in the proper manner, then it will lower the possibility of buying a new machine or repeatedly repairing the one that is owned.

There are filters on both the washing machine and the dryer. Keep these clear of lint and other debris that collect on the screen. A clean filter will allow water to flow through the washer and heat to travel through the dryer without getting trapped in the vent.

Even though the inside of the washing machine has water and detergent each time it’s used, it’s not the same as a cleaner that is meant for the machine. There are small bars and liquids that can be put in the washing machine that can clean the drum. When large amounts of water and various kinds of detergent are used over a period of time, deposits can build on the side of the drum, causing an unpleasant odor. You should also check the dispenser in the washing machine for the detergent as this can have buildup at times as well, especially if powder detergents are used.

Hoses and Belts
There are a few hoses that extend from the back of both the washing machine and the dryer. The hoses for the washing machine allow water to enter and exit the drum. Make sure that the connections are secure so that you aren’t losing water, which also means that you are losing money if there is a utility bill. Check the belt in the washing machine to ensure that it isn’t dry rotted or frayed. The belt turns the motor on the washing machine and should be changed at least once a year. The hose on the dryer often goes to a ventilation system outside the building or the home. It’s important to keep this hose clear to decrease the risk of a fire as lint can become trapped.

While you might want to stuff as many clothes in the washing machine and dryer as possible to get the laundry done as fast as you can, it’s best to only add the minimum amount. If the machines are overloaded, the clothes won’t get washed like they should, and it can cause strain on the machine. If there are too many clothes in the dryer, then it will take longer to get everything as dry as you would like.