The Benefits of Private Air Travel

The Benefits of Private Air Travel
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There is a crucial distinction between flying first class and chartering a private jet. Flying commercial is about the airline, whereas flying private is catered to you. When chartering a private plane, you have the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you choose. The experience is luxurious and is specifically tailored to meet your unique needs. Here are eight more reasons to consider flying private the next time you travel.

1. Choose Your Cuisine

The menu on board a private charter is entirely up to you. First class may offer decent meals, but you can’t customize your cuisine or request specific brands. On a private flight, you can ask for anything from McDonald’s hamburgers to champagne and filet mignon.

2. Choose Your Terminals 

When flying private, you can choose your arrival and departure terminals. If you live close to a private airfield, you’re able to depart from there and avoid a busy airport. Your plan can also land at any hub that is closest to your destination for added convenience.

3. No Layovers 

There’s nothing more annoying than a 10-hour flight with a 4-hour layover. Private air travel helps you avoid this by flying to your destination directly. You don’t have to worry about killing time or sleeping at a busy airport. If you’re running late, the airplane will wait for you.

4. You Have Your Pets Sit With You 

Bringing your pet on a commercial flight can create anxiety for both of you. Pets aren’t eligible to fly first class and fall into the categories of checked baggage or cargo. Pets are kept in crates strapped in place in a temperature-controlled area of a plane. On a private jet, your pet can sit right alongside you, enjoying the same level of comfort as you.

5. Leave When You Want To 

Commercial airlines stick to a tight schedule that is often delayed due to weather conditions, or late arrivals. When you fly by private charter, you get to choose to fly at a time that is the most convenient for your schedule.

6. Privacy 

On a private jet, you only fly with those who you’ve personally invited. You can have confidential meetings mid-air, spend quality time with your friends and family, or work without any interruptions. Some terminals also offer a luxurious private lounge where you can relax while waiting for your guests to arrive.

Commercial airlines are trying to make their first class flying experience more extravagant than before. However, flying private will likely always remain the most convenient and comfortable way to travel. These six reasons are only a few of the numerous benefits of private air traveling.